Spending Points

Dynamis Areas
Cities - Windurst, San d'Oria, Bastok, Jeuno
Northlands - Beaucedine Glacier, Xacrabard
Dreamlands - Buburimu Pennisula, Valkrum Dunes, Qufim Island, Tavanzia Safehold

Relic Armor
Relic Armor includes AF, capes, belts and AF-1.

Primary Job Lots
City - 10 pts
Northlands/Dreamlands - 20 pts

Secondary Job Lots
City - 20 pts
Northlands/Dreamlands - 40 pts

Tertiary Job Lots
City - 30 pts
Northlands/Dreamlands - 60 pts

For AF -1 you must posses the original.

Free Lotted Relic Armor
Relic Armor obtained in Free Lots cost 0 points.

Relic Weapons
Relic Weapons are free lot to those who can use them.

Relic Weapon Upgrades
These are awarded by officer vote. Soymilk is committed to a relic weapon upgrade. No further upgrades are being planned at this time.

Shadow Mantle, Shadow Ring and Hydra gear
These are awarded by officer vote.

Officer-Awarded Penalties
Officers reserve the ritgh to temporarily or permanently reduce or nullify points for members. This will only be done after officer concensus and for extreme demonstrations of disrespect and unloyalty towards the shell or any of its members. This will often, if not always, be accompanied by expulsion from the shell.

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