Procedure for runs:

* Sign up for run (whether under attending or absent) and sign up for lots on site if needed. If you are a new member please ask your sponsor or any officer for help (trial members do not have access to edit content on the site).
* Arrive 10-5 minutes before the gather time and start setting up parties. To know which job to bring check the run page for parties (this will be done prior to the run from now on if you signed up). If it is the day of the run please tell Kurosawa (or Rathiel in his absence) so he can fit you into parties.
* At 8pm est on Wednesdays and 2pm est on Sundays we will take a screenshot of the LS list. If you are in LS and in zone you are awarded the "on time" bonus. If you were asked to go switch jobs or sent by an officer on any particular errand it wont be counted against you to not be in zone.
* If you arrive past the appointed time (whether you are in the zone or not) you need to send Rathiel a tell with just the word "/in".
* Lots will be called and any emergency announcements said (announcements will generally be handled on site).
* We plan to enter within 5 to 10 minutes after gather time, but this heavily depends on members having signed up beforehand.
* If you need to leave early (before the run is completely over- not just boss) you need to send Rathiel a tell with just the word "/out".
* At the 3 minutes left mark or soon after we will take another screenshot of who is on the LS list. You may leave after that. Don't forget to pass coins.

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