Spawned using a Gem of the South and a Summerstone
Spawns with added effect of fire damage on attacks. Throwing Arctic Wind and making contact with Suzaku dispels the added effect.
Job: Red Mage/Black Mage
Will use 2 hour ability Chainspell.
Strong against: Ice, Fire
Weak to: Water

♦ Job Abilities

  • Chainspell - Allows instant casting of all spells.
  • Triple Attack - Single target 3-hit attack. Takes 3 shadows.
  • Gliding Spike - Single target with knockback and stun effect. Takes 1 shadow.
  • Scratch - Single target attack. Takes 1 shadow.
  • Stormwind - AoE wind based damage. Wipes shadows and does damage.
  • Feather Barrier - Evasion boost effect. Dispel-able.

♦ Spells

  • Fire IV - Single target fire damage. Takes 1 shadow.
  • Firaga III - AoE fire damage. Wipes shadows and does damage.
  • Burn - Single target fire based damage over time, intelligence down. Takes 1 shadow.
  • Flare - Single target fire damage. Takes 1 shadow.

♦ Drops

♦ Strategy

All melee should use Thief as their subjob if possible. Black Mages, please allow melee to SATA a few weapon skills onto our Paladins at the start before nuking Suzaku, start slow. Black Mages should turn off filters and be mindful to stun the Firaga III castings. It is not necessary to stun single target spells as our Paladins will be sub Ninja. Paladins will be traded pop sets to pop Suzaku, and will do so after being given buffs. A Paladin will stand on the front and back side of Suzaku in order to allow the melee to SATA back and forth between the tanks. This will not only allow the melee more spike damage, but it will also allow us to keep hate on the tanks and prevent as many deaths as possible. The reason a Ninja subjob will be rendered pretty much useless here is due to the fact that weapon skills will be SATA'ed onto the tanks to prevent hate on the melee, but also because Suzaku's moves that may possibly hit a melee are AoE and will wipe shadows and do damage. While engaged, melee should position themselves on the sides of Suzaku instead of the front or back, so tanks can gauge hate. He will turn back and forth with hate changing on the tanks, so the sides are the safest places for melee to be. When we have extra melee that will not fit in the main alliance, Samurai will initiate the fight, SATA weapon skill onto the tanks, then drop party to meditate TP again. If you are a party leader of a melee party, please be aware of who is flagged up around you, and rotate melee in and out when they have TP. After the Samurai have used TP and dropped from their respective parties, the Thieves should be invited to Feint and SATA weapon skills onto the tanks, then drop PT again for heavy melee to re-enter the parties. As well at this point if we have Rangers, we should be inviting them to use Unlimited Shot and throw an Arctic Wind at Suzaku to dispel his added effect of fire damage first, then use their TP, then drop party again for other spare melee with TP or Samurai who have meditated TP. After that, any melee with TP can be invited in. Thieves can be re-invited for added SATA damage if TP is down. Suzaku will use Chainspell as a 2 hour job ability, which will allow him to instantly cast any spell, including Firage III and Flare. At this point our RDM/DRK will Chainspell Stun Suzaku in order to prevent him from getting off any spells. Melee should move out of spell range so the healers can focus on spot healing the tanks as needed and don't become MP sponges. After Chainspell wears off, all melee can move back into range to finish Suzaku. Thief/Thieves should be in main alliance past 10% to ensure Treasure Hunter on the enemy.

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