Earning Points

Points are accumulated at a rate of 1.00 points per hour. Minutes are generally rounded to the closest quarter hour and begin being calculated at the agreed gather time.

Points are also awarded for being in the area and present at the assigned gather time (usually a +0.5 point bonus). Members are not required to be in the zone until the actual gather time, but are encouraged to try and be in parties by this time to expedite the entry to the zone.

Point bonuses can also be awarded by the leading officer on any given run. These may be awarded based on effort demonstrated or the difficulty of the goals accomplished by the shell during that run. This bonus has been anywhere from +0.5 to +5.0 points in the past. This is an subjective matter simply dependant on the officer's discretion.

Points are awarded for site work and voting participation. Each vote you participate in earns you +0.25 points per month on both Wednesday and Sunday (whether you attend those days or not). Signing up for runs can earn you up to +1.0 point per month. Writing guides, updating your roster information and helping organize and better the site in any way will also ear you points depending on the size and quality of your contribution. These contributions are calculated and added after the last run for each month.

Lastly, officer are awarded points for every run they attend during a given month. They can also award a personal bonus to regular members who exceed expectations and through their effort better a run considerably. In spite of not all officers actually leading during any given run, these points are awarded to counterbalance the minimum of 6 hours they spend in meetings and site work per month. Officer meetings and site work for the last six months have gone from at least 6 hours to up to 20 hours of work depending on an officer's assignments. The officer bonus is calculated and added at the end of the last run of each month and adds +0.5 points per attended run.

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