Point Keeper - 1 opening available
  • Outside of runs:
    • Keep logs of runs so members can login and logout.
    • Use LS Point Manager to process and output current member points.
    • Post points on website.
  • During runs:
    • Call Lots at 10 minutes past the gather time.
    • Decide lot preferences. Includes making final call on LS awarded drops- i.e. hydra gear, shadow gear, etc…
    • Announce drops in LS chat and send tells to lotters if need be.
    • Announce free lots.
    • Make final choice on point arguments with other officer input if requested.
Things to consider:
  • You need to have some sort of knowledge of computers and databases.
  • You need to have patience and deal with a lot of distraught or angry people.
  • You have to be calm enough to make decisions and stick by them.
  • You need to be an old and trusted member of the LS.
  • Rathiel is already doing this and needs a pair for this position.

Please apply here if interested in applying for this position.

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