Point Calculation

Points are maintained separately for Wednesday and Sunday run. Points do not transfer between days. Site work, voting and officer bonuses are added after the last Wednesday and Sunday run for each month. Points can be checked in the point status page under the member's section of the site menu.

Point Calculation
+Time Spent Inside Dynamis
+On-time Bonus
+Run Bonus
-Late Entry and/or Early Departure time
-Secured Lot Relic Armor
Total Points Awarded for Run

Points will be posted on this website. Players may contest their points by posting on the forums or sending the point officer a private message. Points cannot be contested the day of a run or during a run. There must be a written account of the point dispute whether in forums or in the officer's inbox.

An Example
ViviJr has 100 Wednesday points, 120 Sunday points and 100% attendance for both days. He arrives on time for Wednesday's Dynamis-Windurst and secures a lot for a piece of relic armor for his primary job. He receives a piece of relic armor through a secured lot for his primary job. ViviJr stayed until the end of the run.

+4 points for attending the run (4 hours)
+0.5 points for being on time and present at gather time
+0.0 Run Bonus (run went well, but no particularly difficult goals were met)
-0 points because no AFK penalty
-10 points for relic armor
-5.5 for the run

After the run, ViviJr has 94.5 Wednesday points and 120 Sunday points.

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