Officers are the backbone of Soymilk. If we've come as far as we have it's greatly thanks to the support, effort and sacrifice of our officers. In SM we try our best to have well-lead runs. Our officer staff is large, strong and dedicated. Here we will explain their functions, goals and code of conduct.

  • One of the most important qualities of officers is their ability to interact with members and effectively lead through their interactions. All Soymilk officers hold to a strict officer code of conduct. If you wish to apply to an officer position or are just interested in how SM expects their officers to act start with the code.
  • Although we expect officers to serve their fellow LS members, we still try to help them enjoy the game and to keep LS business from interfering with their general game time and fun. In order to help protect officers from stress, harassment or any abuse we also keep a general member code of conduct. Alongside with this, we have developed a system of officer availability to help officers with their time management. Lastly, we have implemented the use of officer pairs to help more evenly distribute the load of leadership and allow more people to become involved with the shell and develop their own talent for leading.
  • Finally we also have a rewards system made especially for our officers. Leading a Linkshell as large as SM is very time and patience consuming. In order to be fair towards officers we have developed a rewards system. Officers are interviewed once every month and, according to their work for that month, they are asked to choose from a special reward list. This list is maintained by Rathiel and is subject to change.
  • Officer positions are as follows:
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