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I decided this needs to be posted to help explain how officers function and what officers should do in certain situations. These guidelines will include me and all officers, no matter how old or new.

Member Treatment

Always show members respect. Do not patronize, belittle, or in any way abuse members. Being an officer means that you are trusted above other members not that you are a better person. Trust and respect are two separate things. We may not have the same degree of trust with everyone (that is something you earn) but we do have the same degree of respect for everyone.

Be sociable. Try to treat members in a way that helps them feel comfortable around you. Earn their trust. Help them feel like they can talk to you about their concerns if they need. Always thank them when they do as asked and feel free to send tells with complements when you think they did well.

Respect member's privacy. If a member confides in you do not break their trust. Ask them if it is okay to name them when you bring issues up to the officer forum or if they want to not be named. Do not go around posting about shell problems in other forums. Do not bring up delicate issues with people who do not need to know.


We need to be stricter about our rules.

Melee officers are in charge of melee, tank officers in charge of tanks, etc… When a member is causing a problem send a tell to the appropriate officer or to Rathiel.

When a member breaks a rule. Send them a tell with a warning. After the warning has been sent if it happens again consider whether the problem is small or big. If it is small send a second warning and have them explain themselves. If it is big buy their glass. Lastly, there are no third warnings. Third time anyone does the same thing buy them out. They are either too tired or distracted to be there, or simply disregard rules.

If a member has their glass bought please inform Rathiel or whoever is in charge for that run.

Please do not use LS chat for discipline. Once the topic is brought up in LS chat everyone feels the need to participate. It causes spam and people loose focus. Also, it simply is not appropriate to make members feel embarrassed in front of everyone. This only makes people more hostile.

Do not be offensive. Do not reduce yourself to arguing. If a member is causing you undue stress or is someone you do not feel comfortable reprimanding, send Rathiel a tell and have him take care of it.

If a member has their glass bought out twice by officers they are automatically under probation. Please post about them in the officer forum and Rathiel will send them a tell explaining they are under probation and he will post what the assigned penalties will be.

If a member is already under probation and they do anything to merit having their glass bought they will have their pearl broken. Rathiel will do it and inform them of what hapenned. Please post on the officer forums with as much detail as nececsary if needed.

Officer Conduct

Be an example. As much as you can, try to do your job well and be a good person to play with.

Do not criticize or complain about others in the shell outside of officer forums. Your opinion as an officer carries more weight. Please do not use party or LS chat to criticize or make fun of members. Do not promote this behavior.

Keep shell business in the shell and personal business out. It is appropriate and necessary that you try to be objective. If you do not like a member, that is personal and shouldn't affect your decisions. If a member breaks rules, that is shell business. Try as hard as you can to separate your likes or dislikes of other officers and members out of your judgment.

If you have a problem with another officer talk to Rathiel in private messages. If an officer breaks rules or is doing something you feel is not appropriate do not attack them in forums or criticize them in LS or party chat. I am in charge of who is an officer and who isn't. If you think that I made a wrong decision or that there is something I should have considered and may have overlooked, please tell me about it before you drag my mistake all over the forums or LS.

If you do not wish to be an officer anymore or need a break for a few weeks please tell Rathiel.

Officers may no longer break pearls unless personally asked to do so by Rathiel. After careful consideration I think that this is my responsibility and that it isn't fair to make you all do my dirty work. If a member needs to go, post it on the officer forum. I will investigate and post my decision. I will give you all some time to say anything else you think I need to consider before making the action.

This is all I can think of for now. Thank you all for your help and appreciation. Without you none of this would be possible. I trust you all and realize many of these things do not need to be said, but, for the sake of clarity I ask that you read and try to stick to the guidelines as much as you can.


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