Oct 7th San D Oria

Congratulations on a record 615 coins, including 4 Montiont Silverpieces!

It wasn't all just fabulous coindrops and victories over the Overlord's Tombstone and the invitation of all the mobs the Eastern section of the map to the after-party at the Chocobo Stables ^_^ Congratulations also to our AF2 winners!

Amethysta obtained Duelist's Boots!

Hellacat obtained Warrior's Calligae!

Yourmon obtained Monster Trousers!

Enanu obtained Bard's Roundlet!

Tempestwolf obtained Koga Hakama!

(Yourmom courteously passed those Koga Hakama to Tempestwolf, who was very happy and thankful.)

It was a truly wonderful day!

Next Up: Dynamis Xarcabard!

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