Oct 5th Windurst

Ancient Currency

Tukuku Whiteshell] - 199

Relic Armor

Abyss Gauntlets (DRK) - Purrrisa
Abyss Gauntlets (DRK) - Pablow
Assassin's Bonnet (THF) - Zanno
Cleric's Duckbills (WHM) - Lumic
Mirage Charuqs (BLU) - Valin
Pantin Dastanas (PUP) - Yourmom
Pantin Dastanas (PUP) - Simoo
Pantin Dastanas (PUP) - Xue
Saotome Haidate (SAM) - Gavilan
Valor Leggings (PLD) - Elevencharlie
Valor Leggings (PLD) - Vehrens
Warrior's Mask (WAR) - Rezz
Warrior's Mask (WAR) - Ironeddie
Warrior's Mask (WAR) - Zanno

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