Oct 15th San D Oria

Ancient Currency

Ordelle Bronzepiece - 174

Relic Armor

Bard's Roundlet (BRD) - Tikeru
Commodore Culotte (COR) - Raltga
Commodore Culotte (COR) - Feifei
Duelist's Boots (RDM) - Theinen
Melee Hose (MNK) - Minnieme
Mirage Bazubands (BLU) - Thesaintlucifer
Mirage Bazubands (BLU) - Shokox
Mirage Bazubands (BLU) - Scorcher
Summoner's Pigaches (SMN) - Napalm
Valor Gauntlets (PLD) - Raltga
Wyrm Greaves (DRG) - Caitir

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