Nyena the Retired

Character Information

Contact: nyenanyena
Blog: The Lost One
Full Name: Nyena Mihgo
Affiliation: Windurst - Past & Present
Missions: ZM/PM/TM - Complete
Race: Mithra
Size: Small
Linkshell: Long live RogueRiceBalls!
Status: Retired Since April 2008

About Ny

I've been retired for so long now that most of the current members of SM don't know who I am. Back in the old days when Dynamis drops were few and far between, I was the second RDM in SM to complete a set of Duelist Armor; it took over a year and a half. I also received SM's first Duelist Belt sometime after my second anniversary with the shell. In Dynamis, I was the consummate RDM. I was the completely by the book RDM. I never wanted to compromise a run to accommodate my own personal play style. And I relished sleeping and silencing mobs. Especially the named NMs…

Outside of the shell, I loved the flexibility of RDM. I could do most anything I wanted as a RDM or so I thought. This logic lead to all sorts of interesting adventures and deaths and perhaps explains my lack of serious interest in other jobs.

These links are old and the strategies are outdated but I suppose my game blog still might be moderately entertaining. I also wrote silly stories about my dear shellmates which you can still read at cat tales if you are absurdly bored. My shellmates (who I still miss) are very talented writers, so you might want to take a peak at their stories and blogs as well.

Much <3 to Rathiel and the members of SM for all the lovely relic gear. If only the damn Duelist Chapeau-1 had dropped…remember I was from the old days when drops were scarce..

/Salute SM for all the wonderful adventures! And of course, for introducing me to a certain THF…

Attendance Information

Retired Since April 2008
But I have excellent reasons for leaving the game. See pictures below!



Lot Information

Primary Secondary Tertiary
None None None

Relic Armor

Head Body Legs Feet Legs Hands Accessory
Duelist O O O O O O O
Duelist +1
Koga O

Dynamis Wins

Zilart Zones
Windurst Bastok San d'Oria Jeuno Beaucedine Xarcabard
Buburimbu Valkurm Qufim Tavnazia

to the roster, bat man!

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