Nov 5th Beaucedine

Ancient Currency

One Byne Bill - 40
Tukuku Whiteshell - 61
Ordelle Bronzepiece - 36

Artifact Armor

Assassin's Culotte (THF) - Yellowman
Assassin's Culotte (THF) -Kurosawa
Melee Cyclas (MNK) - Sidewalkchalk
Melee Cyclas (MNK) -Aavan
Mirage Jubbah (BLU) - Simoo
Pantin Tobe (PUP) - Xue
Pantin Tobe (PUP) -Gavlian
Sorcerer's Coat (BLM) - Shulynn
Valor Breeches (PLD) - Vehrens
Valor Breeches (PLD) -Zanno
Wyrm Mail (DRG) - Arawn

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