Nov 26th Valkurm

Please add your name to the following list for this zone.

This is due on Tuesdays and Saturdays at midnight EST - If you add yourself later than this, put your name in and then send Rathiel a tell in game or have an officer leave him an in-game message.

(DRK*) -
(THF) - (Tibzz Cape/Head)(1) Zanno Cape(3)Ironeddie(2)
(BRD) - Rath (head-1)
(WHM) -
(COR) - Raltga (Belt/-1)(1) Iaia(2)
(RDM*) -
(NIN) - Rezz(Koga Sarashi)(4)Ristar (belt)(2) Tikeru (belt) (1) kamel (belt)(3)
(MNK*) - Bojanglo( -1 head)(2) Bubbo (-1)(1)
(BLU) - Shokox (Cape/-1 Head)(1) Thesaintlucifer (mantle)(2)
(BST) - Elliedra (belt)
(PUP*) -
(SAM) - Shantar (belt), Gavilan (belt)(1)
(RNG*) -
(BLM) -
(SMN) -
(PLD) - Elevencharlie(Cape)(3)Kurosawa (cape)(1) Aavan (cape)(2) Zephilos(feet)
(WAR) -
(DRG*) - Chibibelle -1

* Represent Jobs Without Accessory Drop
Note: All Regular AF drops Are the Level 71 Pieces. All -1 Gear are Head Pieces.

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