July KSNM99

If you are interested in a popping a KS please sign up early for run and post here to say which one you would like to do.

Job Listing

We have started a new jobs listing for all members. Please post your jobs preferences in this forums post. Once you have your job order registered you no longer need to post jobs when you sign up for runs. You are welcome to change your preferences at any time by posting on the forums in the thread linked above. Once that is done, you can check what jobs you have registered under Job Listing.

ZNM Event for June

This month's event will be a ZNM run. We will likely pop at least one gears, but please click here to sign up. In this post you can post what pops you have, what items you want and if you'd be interested in doing ZNMs as a monthly event with the LS.

ISNM Static

Handsofhell is organizing a weekly ISNM static to hunt for khroma ores and other gil items. If you'd like to sign up to attend please check the ISNM Forum.

Relic Armor +1 Upgrades

It is now possible to upgrade Free Lotted relic armor pieces- you will simply be charged the amount of points it would have taken to lot the item. If you need coins please contact the bank officer.

Crafting Item Distribution

We have decided that upon request crafting items will be lotted by bank officers and sold to members who are leveling their crafts for a 25% discount. If you are interested please contact bank officer before runs where your item drops.

Reduction of Trial Runs

Trial runs for new members have been reduced to 4 on either day. This is updated from our old 4 per day policy to make it more fair to members who are joining both Wednesday and Sunday.

January on SM:



New SM Event and Reward System

With the new increase in Tavnazia runs this year we have decided to organize 2 hour events prior to these runs. In order to organize drops during these events we have decided to add a reward system that takes into consideration your total points and plans events around that.

Free Lots:

Just a clarification- Sometimes when free-lot items go we ask that people remember those with the job at 75 who are on trial. What we mean by this is not that you pass or feel you should pass items you really want, but a reminder to those who just lot for fun that there are people out there who really do want it. We sincerely apologize if you have been made to feel like you -had- to pass something you actually wanted and ask that you understand that we're just reminding the great majority who is lotting just to see how high they can lot.

New Yearly Schedule:

For 2010 we have decided to make a set schedule to stick with as much as possible. This is to guarantee equal runs for Mondays and Sundays and leaves 4 Member Vote runs for the December anniversary this year.

Lot Job Changes:

Don't forget January you are allowed to swap lot jobs around as you wish. Make sure you update the roster and leave Tatjiana/Juravial a site message if you do so. If there isn't a roster change and a message to Tatjiana/Juravial changes will not take effect.

Behavior Outside Runs:

We would like to request that members re-read the code of conduct for the LS and also consider the impact their behavior has outside the LS. Our recruitment is 100% referrals and the impression you give others outside the LS through your actions and words affects how they view us as a group. Nevertheless, this is on your honor- we can't know what impressions you give people of the LS, but we ask that you be considerate.

Getting Wins:

If you do not have access to a zone please speak with Handsofhell to see if there is another run you can attend that night in order to get any win you still need.

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