Now that you've read the rules and had a chance to think about them, you are ready to go through the application process. Here is an overview of what you need to do and what will happen:

  1. Create a account. To do so click Create Account on the top right corner of the site. This will activate a series of pop up windows and allow you to join
  2. While logged in, go on to the Application step bellow. You will find the application template. Highlight and copy it. Afterward, click on Post Application, create a post and paste the template in. Fill the template with your own information and click Post at the bottom.
  3. Post here to ask for site access and add yourself to all the rosters and sign up for runs.
  4. You must start using the sign up system to tell us when you are coming and when you are absent.
  5. You may begin attending runs to pass the 4 run trial period. You must attend the entire time, with no extended afks or leaving early Unexcused absences during your trial period may reset your trial period or make it so you are not accepted. It is important that you sign up as absent for runs you cannot make or your trial period may be reset/denied. If you do not have access to a particular zone you must still post absent. If you want the run to count as one of your 4 trial runs, you can hold a glass for latecomers as stated in the rules under attendance and still get points You must stay the entire time and you must not afk extensively for it to count toward one of your four trial runs. Holding hourglasses will always accrue points but cannot be counted for more than 50% of your trial runs.
  6. If you cannot attend full runs during trial membership for medical reasons, or for individual situations, please contact an officer so that it will not be held against you. We do wish to be inclusive, and to respect your health/life needs. The officer will formulate a plan designed to your specific needs so that you can attend and in a timely fashion complete your trial membership.
  7. To be able to lot you must:
    1. Attend 4 full runs. If you are joining us for just one day these runs must all be on the day you are committing to join us. If you are joining us for both weekly runs this means you must have 2 full Sunday and 2 full Wednesday runs logged.
    2. You cannot have unexcused absences. If you do not have access to a zone you must still post as absent on the site sign up sheets. Unexcused absences may reset your trial period. If you have an emergency that causes you to miss runs without being able to post you must contact an officer as soon as possible.
    3. You cannot use hourglass holding to fill more than half of your required trial runs. Regardless, you can still use this method to accumulate as many points as you wish.
  8. After your trial runs are over your full membership will be voted on for 7 days. You may lot during the voting period if you have points to do so or items go free lot.
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