Thank you for your interest in joining us. Soymilk Started in 2005 with the hopes of providing a more professional and fair way to run dynamis events. In this page we have the basic information regarding our shell. Once you're read the information here, please follow the links bellow to fill out your application. Recruitment is always open; we are confident we have the leadership and organization to maintain however many people want to join. We're particularly looking for mages jobs and support personnel to help keep our melee running smoothly and make things explode.

General Information - Dynamis

  • Times: Runs are every Wednesday @ 8pm EST & Sunday @ 2pm EST.
  • How much do runs cost? Currently, Soymilk runs do not cost members any gil. All runs are paid for by the bank.
  • How does Soymilk manage drops? Soymilk uses both points and attendance to determine who can secure lotting rights for relic armor. Basically, the person with the most points, who meets all the job and attendance requirements for lotting, gets the piece of relic armor if it drops during the run.
  • How is ancient currency handled? All ancient currency, large and small, is lotted by an officer representing the Soymilk bank. The currency is sold to pay for runs and finance relic weapon upgrades. For detailed information check our page on the LS Bank.
  • How are relic weapon upgrades handled? Officers vote out of all members who are interested. Whenever there is an opening for an upgrade, we will announce and accept candidates. Seniority, personal merit, usefulness, and how much of the upgrade has already been done by the member are all taken into consideration.

Minimum Membership Requirements

  • Be able to access the website often (at least once a week). If you cannot access the site, then have someone who can do it for you often. In order to lot and to have absences excused you must post to the site. It is also important and mandatory to post which runs you plan to attend so officers can prepare properly, assign jobs and make any changes to plans as required.
  • Have a level 65+ Job, Mission Rank 6+ in any nation, and a Vial of Shrouded Sand obtained by zoning in to Xarcabard, getting a cut scene and then clicking on any of the trail markings in any of the main cities. These are the game requirements to enter dynamis.
  • Be sponsored by a current active member.
  • Able to commit to attending to at least 75% of Sunday and/or Wednesday runs
  • Must be willing to accept any raise as required
  • Must be willing and prepared to come to runs on any of the jobs you plan to lot on.

These are not negotiable. Ignoring any of these will automatically mean your application is turned down. Once you are sure you meet these requirements please follow the links above to move onto the application process.

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