Copy the following information, click on Post Application bellow and start a post with your application. Be sure to fill out all your information by replacing the text in parentheses with your own answers.

Character Name: (Please use your character name exactly as it is written in-game)

General Info: (Tell us a little about you and how you heard about Soymilk. Why do you want to join us? Do you have dynamis experience? etc…)
Sponsor: (Include sponsor name and how you know them)

Primary Lot Job: (If you don't remember what this means check lotting, be sure the job is over the level limit listed)
Secondary Lot Job: (If you don't remember what this means check lotting, be sure the job is over the level limit listed )

Jobs available for events: (Primary and secondary lot jobs must be included. Also put any other jobs that are 65+ that you would bring to events. If the job is not 75 please list what level it currently is. Make sure you rank your jobs by how much you would like to use the in dynamis. This ranking will also determine which mentor you will be trained by and work under.)

Current relic armor (list all relic armor you already have. You can also combine this with the previous list of what jobs you have if it's easier.)
Are you a Carbuncle native or recent transfer? (Did you migrate to Carbuncle from a different server? Please be truthful. We will check your background against FFXIAH and the popular FFXI forums.//

Access Information: (Which wins do you have? Do you have access to dreamland dynamis areas? Northlands (Beaucedine & Xarcabard) and dreamlands (Buburimu, Valkurm, Qufim & Tavnazia) access is preferred but not required at this point.)

What day(s) will you commit to attend? (Soymilk Dynamis is every Wednesday @ 8pm EST and Sunday @ 2pm EST. Please note that to maintain lotting rights, your monthly attendance for the day(s) you commit to must remain at or above 75%.)

Raise Policy: We will do everything possible to preserve your experience points. However, there are some occasions where you may be asked to take a Raise I or II, due to time constraints.
Do you understand and accept that you may be required to accept Raise I or II? (Yes or No)

Fact Checking: Let's make sure you did your homework! Any new member who answers yes here, and then shows up to runs not knowing any of the rules may be kicked on the grounds of being dishonest in your application. If we cannot trust you to read a few pages of rules that are accessible at all times, then how can we trust you not to steal AF or get us all killed in some blunder? Lying here is not acceptable.
Did you read through the joining and rules sections? (Yes or No)

Questions for Us? (Answer either none of post any questions you may still have. If there is a particular parragraph or section that was unclear to you list what page it was or quote the parragraph)

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