Mon 29 November 2010 Abyssea

All sign ups are due at least 2 hours before each run. Failing to do so will slow the run down and maybe cost you your lot for the day.

List your name and absence reason here if you will be missing this run.

Name - Reason
Vankaizer - One week to finalize master thesis, see you all next Monday!
Awel - Will be Working (FL) 8pm EST to when im done, just want everyone to know that my work requires me to travel alot, I try to make runs but some are hard. Thanks for understanding.
Hesturk - SE has decided I couldnt play… I keep timing out every 90 seconds, I did everything the support told me to do, sad thing is every other game I play, including FFXIV does not have any problem at all, gl guys, I'll work on having access back.

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