Mar 19th Xarcabard

Please add your name to the following list for this zone.

This is due on Tuesdays and Saturdays at midnight EST - If you add yourself later than this, put your name in and then send Rathiel a tell in game or have an officer leave him an in-game message.

BLM: Elliedra Hipponopolis Enano Demimemi Tulaq
BST: Belan Niomi Raltga Simoo
DRK: Mahavailo
DRG: Chibibelle
MNK: Bubbo Napalm Novina Sidewalkchalk
NIN: thegrayfox
PLD: Zarion Loren
RDM: Tempestwolf Ristar Sharingan
SMN: Leausion Arawn
THF: Ironeddie Aavan
WAR: Kurosawa
WHM: Aoinechan, Tikeru

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