Lotting and Points

Soymilk uses a point system, with 3 levels of costs, plus attendance to determine who can secure lotting rights for relic armor and how much lotted relic armor will cost. A point is a measure of participation used by Soymilk. Points are used to secure lotting rights and to obtain relic armor. In essence, points can be viewed as currency. Members are "paid" in points for their participation and earned points can be used to "purchase" relic armor. Points are earned by both trial and full time members of Soymilk.

Your attendance, the number of points you have accumulated during your tenure with Soymilk, and whether you have declared that you will be lotting relic armor for a particular job determines whether or not you can secure a lot for a particular piece of relic armor.

How you have declared that particular job lot and the Dynamis zone the relic armor is obtained from will determine how many points the piece will cost you.

Points and attendance are maintained separately for Wednesday and Sunday runs. Points are not transferable from day to day.

In order to lot you must post in the run reports for each upcoming run. These can be accessed through the main page.

Officers reserve the right to deny any member's lotting rights.

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