Please add yourself to the tables one the side. This page is only open for edits on January, April, July and October. Under the primary or secondary table please add your name and then to the side tell us what armor pieces you have and which ones you really want. This will help us choose what runs to add when we have extra runs or when we have a zone taken form us inadvertently.

H : (have) You have this piece.
W: (want) You do not have this piece and you're willing to spend points on it.
Leave other boxes blank

He: Head » Bo: Body » Ha: Hands » Le: Legs »
Fe: Feet » Ac: Accessory » He-1: Head -1 »
Bo-1: Body -1 » Ha-1: Hands -1 »
Le-1: Legs -1 » Fe-1: Feet -1

Ba: Bastok » Sa: San d'Oria » Wi: Windurst »
Je: Jeuno » Be: Beaucedine » Xa: Xarcabard »
Bu: Buburimu » Va: Valkurm » Qu: Qufim »
Ta: Tavnazia

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Primary Monk:

Name He (Xa) Bo (Be) Ha (Je) Le (Sa) Fe (Ba) Ac (Qu & Bu) He-1 (Va) Bo-1 (Ta) Ha-1 (Bu) Le-1 (Ta) Fe-1 (Qu)
DarkMage W H H H H W W W W W W
Yourmom W H H H H

Secondary Monk:

Name He (Xa) Bo (Be) Ha (Je) Le (Sa) Fe (Ba) Ac (Qu & Bu) He-1 (Va) Bo-1 (Ta) Ha-1 (Bu) Le-1 (Ta) Fe-1 (Qu)
Bubbo H H H H H H H W H W H
Haydensha W W W H W W
Oneuglytaru W H W H H W W W W W W
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