Jul 25th Jeuno

Ahhh….Jeuno the capital of this wonderful world…and the giver of some wonderful treasures! We had no idea the treasures that were laying dormant beyond the Mega-Boss, but we found out last night. It was the best Jeuno run we have had, both with the Big money and actually farming until time ran out on the glass. Lets get the totals for last night and the winners of some great new AF^^

Big Money:
(1) L. Jadeshell
(1) 100 Byne Bill

Small currency:
(68) O. Bronze
(85) T. White
(67) 1 Byne

AF Winnders:
NIN - Kamel
MNK - Lokey
WHM - Nelwynn
THF - Sukassa
THF - Aavan
RNG - Kamel
SAM - Lokey
NIN - Novah
BLM - Fantus

I always love to see a treasure pool like this….

Next up is….. the great and wonderful…..

Dynamis Beaucedine!!

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