Job Lots

Soymilk uses the convention of primary, secondary and tertiary job lots to assign point values for Relic Armor that is secure lotted. You cannot secure a lot for a job that you have not declared as a primary, secondary or tertiary

Primary Job Lots
All members of Soymilk will be asked to declare a primary job that they will lot AF2 for. It does not have to be the job the member brings to Dynamis. Each member can only have one primary job.

Primary jobs must be 65+.

Relic lotted for declared primary jobs are the least expensive.

High Mortality Job Clause
Due to the fact that certain jobs present more risk than others, members who are consistently avoiding coming as a certain job will not be granted lotting rights over those who do so when asked and freely. Some examples of these jobs are RDM BRD BLM (death's due to sleeping) THF NIN (death's due to pulling) PLD (death's due to tanking) and so forth. This will be left to officer's judgment.

Secondary and Tertiary Job Lots
Players may opt to declare secondary and tertiary jobs to securely lot relic for additional jobs. The advantage of doing so is that you can secure the lot if you wish.

Relic lotted for declared secondary jobs costs two times the cost of primary lotted relic. Relic lotted for declared tertiary jobs costs three times the cost of primary lotted relic.

Secondary and Tertiary jobs must be 71+.

Secondary and tertiary jobs cannot lot items they cannot wear. So please keep the information updated on levels.

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