Jan 2nd Ls Meeting

Nothing much to be said- Meeting lasted 2 hours as planned and here is a transcript of things said in LS chat:

[22:07:11]<Rathiel> okay let's get going ^^

[22:07:39]<Rathiel> real quick anyone who wants points for tonight send rath a tell saying "login" and nothing else

[22:08:17]<Rathiel> that'll start the new announcements^^

[22:08:53]<Rathiel> okay first off I hope everyone had a good december break^^

[22:08:59]<Rathiel> and happy new year

[22:09:17]<Rathiel> let's talk about points really quick and why I am having you all send tells

[22:09:49]<Rathiel> from now on thanks to our friend jigg (who you can thank in tells) points will be automated directly from my

[22:09:51]<Rathiel> game log

[22:10:09]<Rathiel> whenever you arrive at an LS event snd me a tell to start your point tally

[22:10:19]<Zaphod> ooh fancy ^^

[22:10:23]<Rathiel> whenever you are done send a tell saying "logoff"

[22:10:39]<Tempestwolf> Question, ï'Caps Lock keyï( matter?

[22:10:45]<Tikeru> ""?

[22:11:11]<Rathiel> no "" no caps no anythign special

[22:11:13]<Tempestwolf> K :D

[22:11:45]<Rathiel> for today i can find any capped ones and fix em

[22:12:00]<Rathiel> if you go afk during a run and it's more than a few mins please log out an in

[22:12:19]<Rathiel> this way I also know you are afk in case of drops/suicide train/wipe/etc

[22:12:33]<Rathiel> if it's hte tipical 2 min rr break that's fine

[22:12:44]<Rathiel> anything longer jsut send a logout and login

[22:13:14]<Rathiel> messing up a suicide pull cause i have surprise afk people gets everyone indigestion

[22:13:28]<Rathiel> so the login and out thing is importatn

[22:13:39]<Rathiel> now for the more important reasons

[22:13:59]<Rathiel> if the computer tallies them there is much less error

[22:14:15]<Rathiel> i really want to lighten load on officers and to be more fair

[22:14:30]<Rathiel> with this system you are resposible for your points

[22:14:39]<Rathiel> any questions there? /

[22:14:44]Jigg : if(player.name == "Jigg"){ player.points = player.points * 2; }

[22:14:46]Jigg : mt ><

[22:14:46]Rathiel : ooh

[22:14:51]<Danith> for returning players…

[22:14:58]Elliedra : programming!

[22:15:02]Nyena : lolz

[22:15:02]Elliedra : run away!

[22:15:03]Rathiel : lol jigg that is the secret rath modifier!!! ï'secretï(!!

[22:15:12]Jigg : lol

[22:15:16]<Rathiel> yes dan?

[22:15:40]<Danith> just all you said and start a new with points?

[22:15:57]<Rathiel> i will find old points and transfer them over

[22:16:13]<Rathiel> this will be explained in detail on the site btw

[22:16:31]<Danith> oh and if i didnt send the tell earlier like you asked is it safe to do that now >.>??

[22:16:37]<Rathiel> yes

[22:16:43]<Lenneth> was wonderin that myself

[22:17:07]<Rathiel> i'll be lenient the first few weeks till we all get used to it and announce it repeatedly

[22:17:16]<Rathiel> if you see anyone log on late please send them a tell

[22:17:25]<Ennayram> what about trial members?

[22:17:29]<Rathiel> send the tell

[22:17:33]<Danith> ï'Understood.ï(

[22:17:36]<Rathiel> trial members get points

[22:18:07]<Cyfirus> yo rath

[22:18:12]<Rathiel> okay so : whenever you get to an event and rath is on - /tell rathiel login (can be macroed)

[22:18:34]<Rathiel> whenever you leave (for AFK or for the night) -/tell rathiel logout

[22:18:35]<Endlessxchaos> so if we do it more than once, does it get tallied more?

[22:18:45]<Rathiel> it'll take hte first

[22:18:59]<Diavoletto> What if we forget to logout?

[22:19:05]<Cyfirus> rath…i got a question

[22:19:22]<Rathiel> if you forget to log out i will assume you left early and do the 1 point penatly

[22:19:46]<Rathiel> if you have pics or people remember you on at the end or you remind me soon enough after i will fix it

[22:20:03]<Rathiel> but we'll set a limit on how many times I am doing that per year

[22:20:26]<Ristar> how will we know if a run is 4 or 3 points?

[22:20:33]<Rathiel> good question

[22:20:40]<Ristar> will there be an announcement after each run?

[22:20:45]<Rathiel> let me get cyf first and i'll get to yours rist

[22:20:54]<Ristar> k

[22:21:00]<Cyfirus> rath

[22:21:03]<Rathiel> yes

[22:21:26]<Cyfirus> for our last dynamis round, i had saw on the point spreadsheet it didnt say i was there, but even zaph found

[22:21:30]<Cyfirus> me in tuly's ï'Screenshotï(s

[22:21:43]<Cyfirus> now it still hasnt been updated, it won't be forgotten, right?

[22:21:52]<Rathiel> cool - lol since that is being logged i'll look at it later

[22:22:08]<Rathiel> going back to rist's question

[22:22:34]<Rathiel> points will now be points per hour

[22:22:51]<Rathiel> since the computer can calculate exactly how much time you were there

[22:23:09]<Rathiel> it seemed the most fair to me

[22:23:27]<Nyena> i have a question rath

[22:23:29]<Rathiel> honestly on wednesday night sandoria's for me it takes a lot more effot to want to be there the 4 hours

[22:23:35]<Rathiel> yes ny?

[22:24:02]<Nyena> if someone is on your blist, your capture will miss them

[22:24:16]<Rathiel> yeah i have cleared my blist for this

[22:24:28]<Rathiel> and i have also taken care of anyone who was on my blist and in the shell

[22:24:35]<Rathiel> there is no longer an overlap

[22:24:41]<Wolfen> / so its going to be 1 hour = 1 point?

[22:25:04]<Rathiel> 2 points per hour - and i did kick anyone who was on my blist and in the shell

[22:25:14]<Rathiel> in case anyone missed the subtlety >.>

[22:25:40]<Rathiel> when Ny gets back from DC i'll see if she has any more questions with that

[22:25:51]<Rathiel> about point values those will change

[22:25:59]<Rathiel> it'll be 2 points per hour

[22:26:04]<Rathiel> with decimals

[22:26:17]<Rathiel> so 45 mins is 1.5 points - it's the joy of computers

[22:26:27]<Wolfen> 6mins = .1 of an hour

[22:26:32]<Cyfirus> …

[22:26:34]<Rathiel> you get .1 points then

[22:26:38]<Riconva> hi

[22:26:54]<Cyfirus> rath

[22:27:04]<Cyfirus> what about the cost of relic? is it staying the same?

[22:27:06]»Riconva : send me a tell saying loggin ^.^ and we'll catch you up on what you missed so far after

[22:27:38]<Rathiel> since the ammount of points will increase so will the cost of relic to keep it on par

[22:27:48]<Cyfirus> makes sense

[22:28:01]<Rathiel> it will no be a real increase

[22:28:03]<Rathiel> not*

[22:28:10]<Ristar> will old points be adjusted accordingly?

[22:28:39]<Rathiel> i will not go through and change old points since that would simply be more than i can do and there would be

[22:28:45]<Rathiel> way too many places for error

[22:29:21]Arawn : That does sound tedious

[22:29:21]Niomi : chalk d/c'd again does she /t rathiel login again when she's back?

[22:29:42]<Cyfirus> so you're just directly transfering?

[22:29:43]<Rathiel> i hope that's not too inconvenient- but I had to decide to stop somewhere

[22:29:47]<Rathiel> yes

[22:29:54]Tempestwolf : If she never said ï'/logoutï( then it never counts her outside of being logged in I'd guess

[22:30:03]<Cyfirus> well its no REAL loss to anyone since we're all subject to this change

[22:30:12]<Rathiel> yeah

[22:30:36]<Rathiel> if you DC you don't need to say login again :P since it's out of your hands

[22:30:39]<Diavoletto> So I will not get my points for the Dyna Windy I was marked as absent?

[22:30:46]<Rathiel> you will

[22:30:55]<Diavoletto> Ok.

[22:30:56]<Rathiel> after the general meeting please stay if you need personal fixes

[22:31:11]<Rathiel> we'll do the general stuff for now and i got my pen and worksheet rdy for after

[22:31:36]<Rathiel> okay any questions about points?

[22:31:57]Nyena» can i make a comment on how hard this is to do? and thank you?

[22:32:45]<Rathiel> please be sure to thank jiggy-this is no simple task and it will help us greatly to be more fair to everyone

[22:32:58]<Rathiel> points can be up quicker and are not subject to humen error

[22:33:05]<Rathiel> it's a lot of work

[22:33:38]<Rathiel> i really want to try and destressify myself and at the same time help everyone have less issues

[22:34:00]<Rathiel> which takes us to the next topic! unless there are points questions

[22:34:08]<Velvetj> will points still be posted weekly like it was?

[22:34:23]<Velvetj> in case a computer blows up or sometihng

[22:34:24]<Rathiel> they can be posted more than weekly if the program works as we plan

[22:34:31]<Cyfirus> good

[22:34:42]<Velvetj> cool

[22:34:49]<Rathiel> once hte product is finished it will take a few mins after runs to proccess then a quick cut and paste onto s

[22:34:52]<Rathiel> site* and done

[22:35:09]<Danith> was there a planned run today Rath? or just the meeting

[22:35:21]<Napalmman> ï'/waveï( ï'Linkshellï(

[22:35:28]<Cyfirus> napal, ur late

[22:35:34]<Napalmman> nope

[22:35:37]<Rathiel> that will be a surprise :)

[22:35:38]<Cyfirus> >.>

[22:35:43]<Napalmman> just got off work

[22:35:47]<Rathiel> lol ls chat closed again

[22:36:37]<Rathiel> okay so points behind us- let me talk about my current situation since people have asked

[22:37:00]<Rathiel> December was a very rough month for myself and almost all of hte officers

[22:37:21]<Rathiel> due to stress, personal reasons, traveling, family visits, and all kinds of stuff

[22:37:46]<Rathiel> in my case I am currently in Chile (EST+2 time) with my family until august

[22:38:01]<Rathiel> i had to pack up my entire life and leave the country in 2 weeks

[22:38:09]<Rathiel> which is why i missed some runs

[22:38:14]<Tikeru> 2 days *

[22:38:20]<Rathiel> yeah

[22:38:24]<Rathiel> lol good catch tik

[22:38:31]<Cyfirus> wow so like

[22:38:34]<Cyfirus> i thought i had it bad

[22:38:38]Endlessxchaos : duh duh duh, deported >..

[22:38:44]<Rathiel> tik was at my house thursday the 15th at 4 am to help me pack and drop me off at the airport

[22:38:45]Cyfirus : LOL

[22:39:03]<Rathiel> anyway

[22:39:04]Zaphod : naw he just wanted to experience back to back summer ^^

[22:39:13]<Tikeru> Not deported*

[22:39:14]Lenneth : good enough reason

[22:39:21]<Rathiel> there were a few rumours about me not wanting to lead the shell and all kinds of other stuff

[22:39:23]<Cyfirus> how could that not arouse the curiousity as to WHY that happened? >.>

[22:39:29]Endlessxchaos : lol, i wasnt serious >.>

[22:39:38]Velvetj : Big Mike from down the street was looking for him…

[22:39:43]<Rathiel> I've been very sick all year and decided i needed to go home for treatment to get better

[22:39:44]Cyfirus : >.>

[22:39:48]Ristar : ah man i missed all the gossip///

[22:39:50]Endlessxchaos : lmao

[22:39:50]Lenneth : haha VJ

[22:39:59]<Rathiel> and if i wanted to be home for christmas i had to take whatever flight i could

[22:40:03]Tempestwolf : Clearly he went for the women guys

[22:40:08]Tikeru cheers Rathiel on!

[22:40:12]Lenneth : or the food

[22:40:28]Endlessxchaos : rath and women, ï'Hmmm.ï( something dont seem right there….

[22:40:34]<Rathiel> lol anyway

[22:40:56]<Rathiel> there were a lot of rumours, I was really stressed out and got a lot of nasty tells from people

[22:41:11]<Cyfirus> just give me some names

[22:41:17]<Cyfirus> ill hunt em down

[22:41:21]<Cyfirus> *cocks rifle*

[22:41:25]<Rathiel> lol

[22:41:27]<Rathiel> anyway

[22:41:27]Endlessxchaos : let me know who they were and ill hunt them down and sit on them

[22:41:33]Riconva : /

[22:41:33]Wolfen : cyf .,., shhhh

[22:42:03]<Rathiel> i did get my feelings hurt a good deal and did almost leave the game cause of it- but I decided not to

[22:42:05]Ristar : i was glad to get a xmas break…

[22:42:08]Cyfirus : sorry but no one picks on my leader

[22:42:12]Cyfirus : i will ???? YOU UP

[22:42:14]Cyfirus : >.>

[22:42:19]<Rathiel> you should thank the officers on that one they put up with a lot of emo-ness from me

[22:42:25]Niomi : Screw those bitches harassing Rath

[22:42:35]<Rathiel> but all things are well now

[22:43:21]<Rathiel> what i need you all to do to make my life easier is to listen tonight and be more kind and patient

[22:43:27]<Rathiel> we do try our best

[22:43:32]Novina : hope you are feeling alot better rath need you to be in tiptop shape to deal with all of us hehe

[22:43:51]<Rathiel> i will say a lot of stuff you can do to help out in the LS tonight- grab a pen and see if there is anything

[22:43:54]<Rathiel> you can do yourself

[22:44:27]<Rathiel> anyway points and emo rath out of the way let's move on to how we can all help improve the shell

[22:44:39]Nyena cheers!

[22:44:56]<Rathiel> new website test: soymilkls.wikidot.com

[22:45:11]Diavoletto : Is it up?

[22:45:22]Velvetj : we're a wiki?

[22:45:26]Tikeru : in progress but up

[22:45:28]<Rathiel> and yes this new site is a wiki- if you do not know what a wiki is please read the tutorial provided by my

[22:45:40]<Rathiel> RL brother- it's a video and it's funny

[22:45:53]Hipponopolis made first forum post

[22:46:04]Cyfirus : lol "it's funny"

[22:46:08]Tikeru King Rath the First for President!

[22:46:22]<Rathiel> the idea of a wiki is that ALL can help build hte site

[22:46:39]Niomi : IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII suck at wiki template edits

[22:46:51]<Rathiel> there are a lot of things that need to be moved from the old site, I need people to add themselves to rostets

[22:46:54]Riconva : rath bro play?

[22:46:57]<Rathiel> and there is all kinds of stuff to do

[22:47:02]Tikeru : that'd be cool

[22:47:04]Rathiel : he doesn't jsut helped me out

[22:47:24]Tikeru : I wrote a poem

[22:47:33]<Rathiel> the SM Wiki Project will go for 1 month. Everyone who contributes to the site will get point rewards

[22:47:42]<Cyfirus> wicked!!!

[22:47:43]Hipponopolis : a what?

[22:47:45]Tikeru : there once was a man named rath…

[22:47:51]<Rathiel> if at the end of the month people have picked up on helping with the site we will keep the site

[22:47:55]Tikeru : who decided to take a bath…

[22:48:02]<Niomi> What if you suck at editing wiki-esque sites but you want to contribute info?

[22:48:07]<Rathiel> this will help officers a LOT- i don't want to worry so much about site management

[22:48:23]<Rathiel> if you can get this to work you get points and we can all be more relaxed

[22:48:47]<Niomi> So learn or die?

[22:48:56]<Rathiel> minimal things to do is go though and add your self to roster, add yourself to the gear wishlist, make

[22:49:00]Hipponopolis nods.

[22:49:01]<Rathiel> yourself a profile page, etc

[22:49:07]<Rathiel> you will get points for all of that

[22:49:29]Tikeru : he cut-up-a-rug … and pulled the plug

[22:49:30]<Rathiel> i will not go into detail on how to use a wiki- there are tutorials on the navigation bar on the site

[22:49:44]Tikeru : then graduated with a degree in math >.>

[22:50:19]<Rathiel> access to the site wil be by invitation- once you create a wikidot.com account go to the forums and ask for

[22:50:21]Hipponopolis : I made my own wiki sight too :p

[22:50:27]<Rathiel> an invitation

[22:50:32]<Rathiel> the instructions are there

[22:50:38]<Rathiel> take time and look through the site

[22:50:54]<Rathiel> you wil find a lot of dead links- if you add any of those pages or hook links up you get points

[22:51:09]<Rathiel> it's as easy as copy from old site and paste into new one and then make it pretty

[22:51:35]Velvetj is gonna link Endless to a big picture of ham.

[22:51:36]<Rathiel> address again is soymilkls.wikidot.com

[22:51:46]<Rathiel> get it going- help keep the LS going

[22:52:25]<Rathiel> read all the pages you find- edit spelling errors- make your profie- add your info to lists-

[22:52:34]<Rathiel> anything you do will be logged as done y you

[22:52:40]<Zaphod> gdi somebody already got my name ; ;

[22:52:42]Tikeru : rath can approve or disapprove changes as well

[22:52:55]Cyfirus : do and undo

[22:53:12]Lenneth : editing rathanese , would seem funny

[22:53:13]<Rathiel> i can disapprove changes if needed so dont be scared to get your hands in there

[22:53:29]<Endlessxchaos> you rnot allowed ot put a penis on the fornt page!

[22:53:29]<Tikeru> Use your own names please when creating an account if you can

[22:53:38]Tikeru : Penis!

[22:53:40]<Velvetj> wangs are ok

[22:53:42]<Rathiel> this is a real point bonus- while af cost will increase to match the run points it wont increase for this

[22:53:44]Jigg : lol we can add a Rathanese Dictionary!

[22:53:54]Lenneth : yes!

[22:53:59]<Rathiel> lol anyway- questions on the site?

[22:54:10]Rathiel : you get bonuses for addind rathanese as a page on the wiki

[22:54:28]<Zaphod> how come it's in English and Polish?

[22:54:32]Elliedra : english-to-Rathenese dictionary?

[22:54:34]<Rathiel> tik wrote a poem about me today and is adding it to my profile- he'll get some points for that

[22:54:35]<Cyfirus> haha i wondered that myself

[22:54:39]<Hipponopolis> waiting for my invite

[22:54:41]<Rathiel> lol ignore that

[22:54:43]<Velvetj> the approval/disapproval part, does that happen for each change, or do you just edit

[22:54:46]Nyena : the english polish part is my favorite part of the site

[22:54:49]<Rathiel> jsut edi

[22:54:53]<Rathiel> tedit*

[22:54:56]<Rathiel> i approve later

[22:54:57]Tikeru : we can call it "the official rath-an-ease! dictionary"

[22:55:05]<Velvetj> lol

[22:55:09]Lenneth : lol

[22:55:13]<Elliedra> oooh Tik I like that!

[22:55:20]Elliedra : mt sorry Rath ï'/blushï(

[22:55:26]<Niomi> Rathanese is easy. Here is in English "Let's go team, to the west", and in Rathanese, just miss every 3 letters

[22:55:31]<Rathiel> seriously though - I hope you've all seen wikipedia.org and ffxiclopedia.org

[22:55:35]<Niomi> mt >.> supposed to be in say

[22:55:41]Lenneth : indeed nio

[22:55:42]<Rathiel> they are both wiki sites and there is a lot of fun and learning that can be done there

[22:55:53]Tikeru : they rock!!!

[22:55:53]Niomi : XD

[22:56:05]Lenneth : add a RPK guide XD

[22:56:09]Velvetj : now I can spend my time at work writing for a wiki

[22:56:15]<Cyfirus> i love wiki

[22:56:21]<Cyfirus> its the online discovery channel

[22:56:24]Tikeru : rath-an-EASE to portuguese…. i'm doing it!

[22:56:31]<Rathiel> write guides, post a <job > macro guide - do whatever you can to help the LS be better

[22:56:54]<Rathiel> anythign you can think of that you write on site that is either useful or at least funny for all will get you

[22:56:57]<Rathiel> points at the end of hte month

[22:57:28]<Rathiel> post pics you have of LS members onto their profiles, post raltga comparing MP to weed quotes, etc

[22:57:40]Napalmman : LOL

[22:57:43]<Rathiel> anything you have will help make it better

[22:57:43]Endlessxchaos : haha

[22:57:46]Tikeru : ROFL

[22:57:50]Elliedra : I love that one

[22:57:50]Lenneth : lol … MP to pot eh

[22:57:56]Raltga : you all know im your hero ;p

[22:58:09]Nyena cheers Raltga on!

[22:58:12]<Rathiel> make a RPK page with pictures of how rath got you killed

[22:58:12]Napalmman : <3 Ralt

[22:58:17]Jigg : I'll post DRG Guide to Killing your WHM >.>

[22:58:21]<Rathiel> you can edit anyone else's work and add to it to make it better

[22:58:29]Danith : its probably in my face but i am having troubles finding out how to become a member on that site, its not

[22:58:37]Danith : simple like guild portal.

[22:58:49]Tikeru : top right corner dan

[22:58:51]Jigg : i went to www.wikidot.com and it's in the upper right

[22:59:15]<Rathiel> i hope and any questions about the new SM Wiki Project? tonight after this I will invite anyone who

[22:59:22]<Rathiel> posted the request in the forums

[22:59:55]<Rathiel> questions on site? last call? /

[23:00:12]<Rathiel> there is a forum area jsut for questions- use that if you think of any later

[23:00:18]<Cyfirus> rath

[23:00:23]<Rathiel> yes?

[23:00:31]<Cyfirus> where on forum do we post

[23:00:36]<Cyfirus> for the invite or w.e

[23:01:02]<Rathiel> http://soymilkls.wikidot.com/what-i-need-to-do-after-i-am-a-member is the tutorial

[23:01:07]Endlessxchaos : wow misstyped my email addy 3 times….

[23:01:08]Arawn : Forums Cyf

[23:01:16]Nyena looks at Endlessxchaos and sighs dejectedly.

[23:01:16]Lenneth : lolz

[23:01:17]<Rathiel> it's on the top navigation bar if you jsut want to click and are confused

[23:01:27]Lenneth pokes Nyena.

[23:01:33]<Rathiel> any other site questions for now?

[23:01:34]Arawn : access headinbg

[23:01:46]<Napalmman> rath

[23:01:50]<Rathiel> yes?
[23:02:03]<Napalmman> you should add a link on old ls site for new site

[23:02:08]<Hipponopolis> /

[23:02:20]<Napalmman> cause if your lik me im net serfing retarded

[23:02:28]<Rathiel> lol you can do that yourself for points once you are registered

[23:02:33]<Rathiel> but good idea

[23:02:35]Tikeru» did your brother make that video?

[23:02:44]»Tikeru : he found it and edited it for me

[23:02:51]Tikeru» rofl

[23:03:15]<Rathiel> and jsut so you know that will be the answer for any improvements you suggest for the site

[23:03:31]<Rathiel> not to be mean but to help everyone participate and get their bonuses

[23:05:09]<Rathiel> and first month is trial which is why i am not saying now how muc i'll awards

[23:05:12]Danith : lol i sat through the whole how to use wiki thing that was linked to youtube…

[23:05:19]Jigg : it's under Form > Applicant, Visitor & Trial Member Questions

[23:05:31]<Rathiel> i don't want it to become a cheap way to "buy" points but i want to reward meaningful contribution

[23:05:48]Danith : then i found that you had to reply to a thread to get access >.>

[23:05:53]<Rathiel> anything you do to improve the site means officers don't have to stress over it

[23:06:16]Endlessxchaos : lol not seeing hwo to add myself ot teh roster or join

[23:06:27]<Rathiel> i will post a more detailed tutorial on the site under SM Wiki Project you can search for it later

[23:06:35]Jigg : can't add yourself til approved :p

[23:06:43]<Rathiel> no worries i can answer specific questions after

[23:06:57]<Rathiel> you cant make any changes on the site or do anythign till i invite you in

[23:07:04]<Rathiel> so dont stress yet ^.^

[23:07:11]<Endlessxchaos> ahh

[23:07:24]Jigg wants to edit NOW!!!!!!1!!!!!!111!!!!!!~~~~~

[23:07:26]<Rathiel> that is on purpose so people wont run off to do that while we do meeting

[23:07:34]Nyena looks at Jigg and sighs dejectedly.

[23:07:51]<Cyfirus> cant edit until u gain access lol

[23:07:56]<Rathiel> anyone who got here late please send me a tell with the word "login" and nothing else

[23:07:56]<Cyfirus> so either way

[23:08:56]<Rathiel> ok so points, rath stress, and site are covered- specific quesitons after the meeting

[23:09:08]<Rathiel> changes to recruitment:

[23:09:33]<Rathiel> all recruits are now voted on by the whole LS through the wiki forums

[23:09:42]<Rathiel> all trial members will be done the same way

[23:10:00]<Rathiel> these votes will be open to all LS members and visible to the people being voted on

[23:10:23]<Rathiel> those people cannot reply though but will get a chance to explain any issues brought up by members

[23:10:37]<Rathiel> members who vote will be rewarded points for voting

[23:11:08]<Rathiel> applicants and trial member will ned the support of 80% of the shell- which means more have to vote

[23:11:18]<Rathiel> if you do not vote the shell will not gorw

[23:11:21]<Rathiel> grow

[23:11:30]<Cyfirus> its like government

[23:11:32]<Cyfirus> >.>

[23:11:40]<Rathiel> agaisn taking it off hte officer's hands and putting it into the members

[23:11:51]Danith : just remember the government does lie to us at times, its their jobs.

[23:12:01]<Rathiel> there will be a vote tutorial if you search for "vote" on the site

[23:12:03]Lenneth : heh

[23:12:03]Cyfirus : uh huh

[23:12:04]<Rathiel> once i write it

[23:12:10]<Napalmman> seems like its getting easier to get points

[23:12:25]<Rathiel> yes-

[23:12:33]<Rathiel> i am also reserving officer's right to veto

[23:13:05]<Rathiel> if you need to say anythign about an applilcant you dont want seen by them you will send me a private message

[23:13:29]<Rathiel> if i investigate the situation and it decide it's bad enough I will reject the person regardless of vote

[23:13:46]<Rathiel> this is to protect the shell- even if it

[23:13:52]<Rathiel> sounds less democratic

[23:14:11]<Rathiel> other officers will also have this right and can bring it up in officer forum

[23:14:35]<Rathiel> lastly we are changing the 8 run to begin lotting rule

[23:14:45]<Rathiel> it will become a point amount instead

[23:15:09]<Rathiel> so once TrialMember gets X amount of points they can get voted on for full member

[23:15:26]Wolfen : could we require them to write a paragraph about themselves (jobs, special equip how they add to ls) & one from 2 spons

[23:15:27]<Nyena> k. i have a question

[23:15:29]<Rathiel> you cannot lot until after the vote- it is your resposibility to request your vote in LS forums

[23:15:37]Wolfen : so we have an idea about them

[23:15:47]<Rathiel> yes ny?

[23:15:49]Wolfen : instead of voting blilnd sometimes

[23:16:06]Rathiel : lol those are the applications, you can read them ^^

[23:16:06]<Niomi> Just made me think of something since I d/ed >.> Do I have to ï'/tellï( login again when I come back?

[23:16:12]<Rathiel> nope

[23:16:12]<Nyena> points per day or points total? just trying to clear things up for those who attend both days

[23:16:18]<Rathiel> total

[23:16:18]Wolfen : ah okay thanks then

[23:16:39]<Rathiel> just makign it a lil simpler

[23:16:51]Arawn : So it's overall points

[23:17:06]<Rathiel> once a trial member gets 50 points (for example) tehy will request they get voted on

[23:17:17]<Rathiel> 50 points (adding sun and wed)

[23:17:32]<Rathiel> then anyone can move and paste their application over and we can all vote

[23:17:45]<Napalmman> /

[23:17:46]Wolfen : so one set of points no longer 2 sets?

[23:17:52]<Rathiel> if a trial member ever wants to lot - it is in their interest to request the vote

[23:17:53]<Ennayram> so those who attend both days will have a clear point advantage in lotting over those who attend one day?

[23:17:56]<Rathiel> i will not worry about it

[23:17:57]<Endlessxchaos> are both days still seperate?

[23:17:59]<Rathiel> yes

[23:18:02]<Rathiel> nope

[23:18:06]<Rathiel> lol hold on

[23:18:20]<Rathiel> to enna- if you come both days you will get made full mamber quicker

[23:18:29]<Rathiel> to endless0 points are stil separate

[23:18:42]<Ennayram> i mean after being a full member

[23:18:56]<Endlessxchaos> cool

[23:19:00]<Rathiel> points are only added to apply to full member - in no other situation

[23:19:12]<Ennayram> ok ty

[23:19:14]<Endlessxchaos> ï'Understood.ï(

[23:19:31]<Ristar> rath

[23:19:44]<Tempestwolf> 50 points is how many a Trial members needs to become full?

[23:19:44]<Rathiel> i just dont want to have to remember 4 people a week who need to be voted on so please request your own votes

[23:19:58]<Rathiel> the 50 points is jsut an example i haven't decided yet on the amounts

[23:19:58]Enano : no that was an example

[23:20:00]<Tempestwolf> Just checking, thought it might have been a random number ya used

[23:20:06]<Rathiel> random number

[23:20:09]<Tempestwolf> kk that's what I thought ^^

[23:20:12]<Tempestwolf> Ty

[23:20:13]<Rathiel> and yes rist?

[23:20:18]<Ristar> what's the limit on webiste points?

[23:20:25]<Ristar> sorry forgot to ask

[23:20:34]<Rathiel> we will see how much people do the first month and decide then

[23:20:50]<Tempestwolf> Make it based on votes <.<

[23:20:55]<Rathiel> i dont want to say 1 point per change and then find myself giving away thousands of points

[23:20:58]<Tempestwolf> If someone had a lot of no's make it cost more points

[23:21:17]<Rathiel> we'll see those values as they come in order to make informed choices

[23:21:23]<Tempestwolf> I unno, sorry thinking outloud *Goes back to silence*

[23:21:41]<Rathiel> any questions on changes to recruitement?

[23:22:04]<Raltga> /

[23:22:10]<Rathiel> yes ralt?

[23:22:25]<Raltga> any member that was a full member before will remain so regardless of current points?

[23:22:29]<Rathiel> yes

[23:22:37]<Raltga> ï'wordï( thank you

[23:22:38]<Rathiel> none of this will be retroactive

[23:23:05]<Ennayram> / question

[23:23:08]<Rathiel> yes enna?

[23:23:35]<Ennayram> initially when i joined, it was four runs to become a full member and be able to lot, will that change?

[23:23:59]<Rathiel> i if you were already allowed to lot we will keep it that way

[23:24:16]<Rathiel> this will apply to applicants from now on

[23:24:17]<Ennayram> and if not?

[23:24:36]<Diavoletto> What if I only did 2 runs so far?

[23:24:37]<Rathiel> i will make case by case decision- ask me after if you are on trial atm

[23:24:54]<Rathiel> depending on what we got i may have you voted on or just let it go

[23:25:25]<Rathiel> is that cool?

[23:25:37]<Ennayram> lol we'll see :p

[23:25:43]<Rathiel> :)

[23:26:21]<Rathiel> okay moving on

[23:26:34]<Rathiel> item costs will change to match the point inflation

[23:26:44]<Rathiel> it will be announced b4 the next run

[23:27:00]<Rathiel> about officers

[23:27:13]<Rathiel> i did release all officers at the end of last year

[23:27:39]<Rathiel> so i will be askign for new officers

[23:27:54]<Rathiel> i will make a post with what I need and what the responsibilities are

[23:28:06]<Rathiel> all are allowed to apply to anythign they can commit to

[23:28:21]<Rathiel> all jobs will have 2 people covering them and they will be asked to split the time

[23:28:37]<Rathiel> they can do every other month, every other run, wed or sunday howver they choose

[23:29:16]<Rathiel> I will -not- allow for officer burnout. It is the #1 cause I loose friends in this game

[23:29:30]<Rathiel> offiers will receive rewards at the end of each month of work

[23:29:34]<Rathiel> officers*

[23:29:53]<Cyfirus> thats hot

[23:29:56]<Rathiel> they may receive points, gil, attendance waivers etc

[23:30:07]<Rathiel> it will be negotiated at the time of contract

[23:30:31]<Rathiel> what this means to the general public

[23:30:49]<Rathiel> Please do not jsut harrass anyone you see as an offier or old member

[23:31:04]<Rathiel> there will be people posted on the site and their resposibilites will be clear

[23:31:11]<Rathiel> check there who you need to talk to

[23:31:44]<Rathiel> also use the site forums or messaging system to send quesitons/concerns/complaints/ideas/suggestions/etc

[23:32:00]<Rathiel> i want it all documented so we make sure you dont get lost in the cracks

[23:32:18]<Rathiel> officers will be penalized their pay if they take any complaints in-game

[23:32:41]<Rathiel> there must be a message from you in forums or the messaging system

[23:33:25]<Rathiel> this means no issues will be dealt with right before or after a run unless it is a complete emergency

[23:33:40]<Ristar> question

[23:33:43]<Rathiel> yes

[23:34:06]<Ristar> webste points will be distributed for both days?

[23:34:15]<Rathiel> i will ask you how you want it done

[23:34:20]<Rathiel> b4 i add

[23:34:24]<Ristar> k

[23:34:35]<Rathiel> back to officers

[23:34:59]<Rathiel> so to give you the idea- i want officers to be able to play the game and do their duties only in the times

[23:35:02]<Rathiel> they so choose

[23:35:16]<Rathiel> i do not want to feel like I am punishing people when i make them officers

[23:35:35]<Cyfirus> otherwise, no one would step up >.>

[23:35:50]<Rathiel> if you are screenshoteed repeating quesitons once you are asked to send a message or post you will be

[23:35:56]<Rathiel> penalized

[23:36:36]<Rathiel> so use officers through the site and only during SM times- at other times let them play and have fun

[23:36:48]<Rathiel> they pay money to enjoy the game

[23:37:02]<Rathiel> if they ask you to post or send a message do not push the quesiton

[23:37:11]Cyfirus : (if you notice, rath is tellin you to leave him alone >.>)

[23:37:21]<Rathiel> any emergencies will be handled by me though

[23:37:41]<Rathiel> any questions on officer use?

[23:37:46]Enano : i think its a very good idea

[23:38:11]Enano : its annoying being in a xp party and getting some douche sending tells about ls stuff that could wait lol

[23:38:12]Rathiel : lol it's not that I don't mind I just have reading logs of officers being harrassed while they do salvage or cussed

[23:38:17]Rathiel : at mid-run

[23:38:20]<Rathiel> end?

[23:38:29]<Endlessxchaos> u said, if your an officer, uc an handle the problem when u see fit

[23:38:30]Rathiel : lol enano has hte idea

[23:38:35]<Rathiel> yes

[23:38:37]<Endlessxchaos> but if were SS;d handling it ingame were penalized?

[23:38:39]Enano : :p

[23:38:51]<Ristar> someone cussed out an officer?

[23:38:56]<Rathiel> if you are SS'd harrassing after being told to use forums/messages yes

[23:38:57]Ristar : oops

[23:39:09]Rathiel : lol ask ame how mnay times she's been cussed at

[23:39:10]<Napalmman> ï'questionï(

[23:39:12]<Endlessxchaos> ahh ok, i get it now, nm me

[23:39:19]Lenneth : o.0

[23:39:21]Ristar : they must have had balls of steel

[23:39:21]<Rathiel> yes?

[23:39:25]Tikeru : not the officer … the harasser

[23:39:29]Lenneth : or insane

[23:39:43]<Napalmman> how can u SS chat if u on ps2 ect

[23:39:50]<Rathiel> magic

[23:39:51]Tikeru : cant…

[23:39:51]<Rathiel> >.>

[23:39:55]Enano : he means if your an officer and somebody sends you a tell regarding ls problems

[23:39:55]<Tikeru> /

[23:39:59]Arawn : …

[23:39:59]<Napalmman> for the officer thing

[23:40:04]<Rathiel> i am not allowed due to terms of service to answer that questions

[23:40:15]Enano : and you ask them to post it on site but they keep bugging you you can SS it and ahve them penalized

[23:40:15]<Endlessxchaos> okay so if ur an officer and u decide ot handle teh harrasement ingame ur not penalized?

[23:40:19]<Rathiel> i will work that out with officers the game does keep logs though

[23:40:33]Novina : that works imo

[23:40:35]Ristar : yeah so no more asking about runs coming up for me -_-

[23:40:43]Enano : no the officer isnt penalized just the person thats bugging the officer

[23:40:45]<Rathiel> I decide that- If I feel you are letting yourself be abused in any way or burning yourself out I will talk to

[23:40:47]<Rathiel> the officer

[23:40:49]Enano : for not following instructions

[23:40:58]<Hipponopolis> do we get a {GM} Title? :p

[23:40:58]<Rathiel> and there will be a penalty

[23:41:03]<Endlessxchaos> i am confused as heck sry. no sleep past 2 days

[23:41:14]Tikeru : Judge Tikeru!

[23:41:28]Rathiel : lol I like hte idea of calling them judges

[23:41:40]Tikeru : long live King Rath the First

[23:41:53]Raltga : judge is pwn

[23:41:54]<Rathiel> summarize- officers will be discouraged of doing officer stuff outside their set time

[23:41:59]Lenneth : tik should be smoked then bbq'd b4 eaten

[23:42:07]<Rathiel> members will be discouraged of using officers outside their set time

[23:42:15]Tikeru : I agree… id be way tasty

[23:42:22]Rathiel : too greasy

[23:42:25]<Napalmman> can u dumb that down?

[23:42:31]<Hipponopolis> / question

[23:42:44]Tikeru : officers do their duties when they want to… not when the harasser wants…

[23:42:49]<Enano> basically if your an officer

[23:42:53]Lenneth : not if ya slow roast him , rath

[23:42:55]<Enano> and i have problems with points

[23:43:07]<Enano> i send you a tell but you ask me to wait later or post on forums

[23:43:14]<Enano> but i continue to harrash/spam

[23:43:19]Tikeru : exactly!

[23:43:21]<Enano> you can SS it and have me penalized for it

[23:43:24]<Rathiel> yes

[23:43:26]<Rathiel> ï'Thank you.ï(

[23:43:33]<Enano> np

[23:43:35]Tikeru : enano hits it on the Napalmman head

[23:43:35]Ristar : i wouldn't call askin about runs coming up harrassing….

[23:43:48]<Rathiel> i'll explain the officer side to officers since it doesn't concern the rest

[23:43:49]Enano : well its not but

[23:44:11]Rathiel : lol askign ten times in 2 mins or cussing at you cause you dont answer right away is harrasing

[23:44:12]Enano : if its asked by the same person repeadately on some issues that could wait

[23:44:26]Ristar : ah

[23:44:37]Ristar : ok that makes more sense

[23:44:43]Enano : its basically to protect you as an officer

[23:44:46]Tikeru : eat me!

[23:44:54]Enano : do you come with mustard?

[23:44:56]<Rathiel> i don't want to loose ultima fights cause I cant count shadows properly due to /tell spam for example

[23:44:58]Napalmman eats Tikeru.

[23:44:58]Lenneth : get on the grill tik

[23:45:07]Tikeru hops on the grill

[23:45:08]<Rathiel> you'll get the hang of what harrassing is

[23:45:21]<Endlessxchaos> lol, so tahst happened during bahamut…

[23:45:22]<Rathiel> just listen to what the officers tell you and be courtious of other's time

[23:45:23]Tikeru : I like my Tikeru medium please

[23:45:30]Tempestwolf : God I hate that, when you're tanking something and EVERYONE is /telling you ;; lol

[23:45:37]Lenneth grabs the mesquite bbq sauce.

[23:45:39]<Endlessxchaos> bah more MT

[23:45:50]<Rathiel> lol any more quesitons on officers?

[23:45:51]Nyena» tell them to say thank you sometimes. officers really dig that

[23:46:07]<Enano> do they get shiny boots and red capes/

[23:46:12]<Rathiel> yes

[23:46:29]Tikeru : i dont want a red cape

[23:46:33]<Rathiel> i will post the available positions in the site announcements

[23:46:35]Tikeru : pink please!

[23:46:39]Rathiel : you can have pink

[23:46:43]Endlessxchaos : i want gold hair >.>

[23:46:56]<Rathiel> all members can apply but I will expect serious commitment there

[23:46:57]Tikeru : I want a moogle hat

[23:46:59]Diavoletto : Gold hair is Taru only.

[23:47:17]Lenneth : i want black hair >.>

[23:47:19]Raltga shakes his golden hair…

[23:47:25]<Rathiel> all previous officers will get priority or have the choice of becoming advisors

[23:47:31]Tikeru cheers Raltga on!

[23:47:40]<Rathiel> there will be paymetn of one sort or another to officers and advisors

[23:47:52]<Rathiel> that will be decided on at the time of contract

[23:48:02]<Rathiel> and archived

[23:48:05]Raltga smiles warmly.

[23:48:39]<Rathiel> oh

[23:48:42]<Rathiel> relic upgrades

[23:48:54]<Rathiel> this years it's my relic horn upgrade :P

[23:49:02]Nyena gives a triumphant cry!

[23:49:03]Chibibelle : =]

[23:49:03]Zaphod cheers Rathiel on!

[23:49:05]<Danith> haha

[23:49:07]<Rathiel> lol you can object in tells if you want :)

[23:49:08]Elliedra cheers Rathiel on!

[23:49:09]Cyfirus gives a triumphant cry with Rathiel!

[23:49:17]Elliedra : Play me Jazz Flute!

[23:49:22]<Cyfirus> i'm sure that wouldn't do much :P

[23:49:26]<Rathiel> after this one gets done we'll try and choose our next one all together

[23:49:27]Lenneth : lol

[23:49:28]Nyena : i will personally cut off the head of anyone who objects!

[23:49:29]Enano» i object

[23:49:34]Danith : the government is absolute! SILENCE!

[23:49:36]<Tempestwolf> I have a request Rath… ^^

[23:49:39]<Cyfirus> probably aegis for one of the tanks

[23:49:39]Enano» should get horn and dagger!

[23:49:43]Endlessxchaos objects, kikoku is pretty <.<

[23:49:51]Enano» bard that can DD

[23:49:55]<Rathiel> enano objects and demand I get both horn AND dagger on brd

[23:50:02]<Enano> ^^

[23:50:05]<Rathiel> lol

[23:50:10]Hipponopolis» horn is SWEET!! :D

[23:50:12]<Kurosawa> /heartattack

[23:50:27]Elliedra still wants a Relic Pony…

[23:50:28]Niomi» I object then for Horn, dagger, AND ï'Um…ï( a kiss?

[23:50:29]<Rathiel> anyway we will try an be more open about bank goals and work a little more focused

[23:50:36]Lenneth laughs at ellie.

[23:50:42]Nyena is sure relic ponies drop from the DL.

[23:50:51]<Cyfirus> oh rath

[23:50:52]Belan : lol ny

[23:50:54]Elliedra : … we gotta beat DL then.

[23:50:55]<Cyfirus> i have a question

[23:51:02]Nyena nods.

[23:51:05]Lenneth thinks Ny is hidin the ponies.

[23:51:07]<Rathiel> we will annoucne when a run is a coin farming run and we will keep bank totals on site at all times

[23:51:13]<Rathiel> yes?

[23:51:27]<Cyfirus> ur probably going to bring it up but whats with this ï'Dynamis - Tavnaziaï(

[23:51:33]<Rathiel> i

[23:51:33]<Cyfirus> just incase you dont

[23:51:45]<Rathiel> I'lll get to that one soon

[23:51:51]<Cyfirus> kk

[23:52:03]<Rathiel> that's upgrade, bank and attendance stuff will stay the same

[23:52:14]<Rathiel> except now you get to make the thread for a date if you need it

[23:52:20]<Rathiel> and you can with the wiki a lot easier

[23:52:28]Raltga : im suprised no one is backing the "get raltga claustrum" idea so i can mellee smn soymilk to victory against DL ;P

[23:52:43]Endlessxchaos : lol claustrum

[23:52:48]Lenneth : lol whats that ral

[23:52:48]Enano : i think snarf has one

[23:52:49]Kurosawa : lol

[23:52:55]Tempestwolf : He does Enano

[23:52:58]Enano : wored it for 3 days and been in storage for over 2 years

[23:53:05]Rathiel : lol

[23:53:05]Tempestwolf : Saw him use it on Kirin few months back

[23:53:09]Tikeru : are you smoking mp again?

[23:53:10]<Raltga> lol

[23:53:11]<Raltga> mt

[23:53:15]Raltga : lol

[23:53:15]Lenneth : prolly tik

[23:53:30]<Rathiel> last thing calendaring-

[23:53:38]<Rathiel> next wednesday is our DL attempt

[23:53:44]<Rathiel> i want to see where we are at

[23:53:45]<Cyfirus> wooot

[23:53:46]Nyena gives a triumphant cry!

[23:53:50]<Endlessxchaos> ï'All right!ï(

[23:53:52]Raltga gives a triumphant cry!

[23:53:54]Nyena : relic ponies for ellie!

[23:53:54]Danith : that punk arse is going down.

[23:53:54]<Rathiel> that will be our gauge

[23:53:56]<Kurosawa> ï'All right!ï(

[23:54:00]Tikeru : that means… come prepard!

[23:54:02]Elliedra : yay!

[23:54:04]<Rathiel> the sunday after will also be DL

[23:54:12]<Rathiel> the wednesday after that is special

[23:54:19]<Novina> /

[23:54:21]<Rathiel> we will do ï'Dynamis - Tavnaziaï(

[23:54:28]<Rathiel> by invitation

[23:54:30]Lenneth : o.o

[23:54:32]Ristar : o.O!

[23:54:37]<Kurosawa> awesome

[23:54:40]Endlessxchaos : ï'/cryï(

[23:54:42]<Rathiel> since it can only have 18 people I will pick people from roster

[23:54:46]<Enano> what about this coming sunday?

[23:54:52]<Rathiel> and i will rotate them on next one to get morepeople in

[23:55:02]<Rathiel> this sudnay is meeting number 2

[23:55:11]<Enano> oh ok

[23:55:16]<Rathiel> a lot will be the same stuff but you stillget points for being here

[23:55:22]<Cyfirus> i have done ï'Dynamis - Qufimï( with this ls yet and thats the only win i need for tav ><

[23:55:29]<Rathiel> but sunday people need <3 too

[23:55:32]<Cyfirus> havent*

[23:55:54]Raltga : dont worry cyf i dont have access either, we can hang out here again ;p

[23:55:54]<Rathiel> this first round of ï'Dynamis - Tavnaziaï( we'll get 18 out of the 30 ppl with access in

[23:55:59]Cyfirus : ….

[23:56:03]<Rathiel> then we'll get more people access and more people in etc

[23:56:08]Endlessxchaos : ill hang out w/ u guys :P

[23:56:22]<Rathiel> so no worries we'll try and get everyone through in the first half of hte year- that meants wins and at least

[23:56:23]Belan : same

[23:56:24]<Novina> quick question

[23:56:27]<Rathiel> 1 or 2 tav runs

[23:56:34]<Wolfen> if you aren't invited you will get no points for that day?

[23:56:45]<Wolfen> or in my case don't have access

[23:57:06]<Rathiel> points will not be awarded for that run since it'll make an unfair advantage

[23:57:18]<Rathiel> but it -is- a fun run and you can get cooler gear

[23:57:24]<Rathiel> so it'll be a trade off

[23:57:31]<Cyfirus> i want cooler gear!!! ; ;

[23:57:34]Lenneth pokes Bellafifi.

[23:57:35]<Cyfirus> haha

[23:57:54]<Cyfirus> i should leech ï'Dynamis - Qufimï( win off someone ><

[23:57:58]<Rathiel> ok ther were a few questions please / if i havent answered you yet

[23:58:05]<Wolfen> so if you don't reward points do you deduct points for items gained

[23:58:05]<Ristar> /

[23:58:08]<Novina> /

[23:58:12]<Napalmman> i c

[23:58:16]<Rathiel> I'll see wolf

[23:58:20]<Rathiel> rist yes?

[23:58:21]<Wolfen> k

[23:58:49]<Ristar> so u get points if your not picked to go in and no points if u do go in?

[23:59:08]<Rathiel> lol it'll be like htere wasn't a run that day

[23:59:18]<Ristar> k

[23:59:23]<Rathiel> since it leaves so many people out

[23:59:32]<Rathiel> novi?

[23:59:36]<Novina> are all the start times the same as they used to be or will they be changing?

[23:59:55]<Rathiel> scheduled times will remain the same

[00:00:28]Kurosawa : 8 weds 2 sunday novi

[00:00:41]Novina : is that est?

[00:00:46]Tempestwolf : Aye

[00:00:46]Kurosawa : yes

[00:00:51]<Rathiel> okay that concludes the meeting it is now 10 est- if people are interested we can do Einherjar or something

[00:02:11]<Elliedra> Can't stay on but Thank you Rath for your continued guidance and support. I hope we can all make this a great 2008.

[00:02:30]<Nyena> thank you rath for all the time you put into this ^^

[00:02:30]<Danith> I will drink to that Ellie.

[00:02:36]<Rathiel> okay LS meeting officially over -

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