Special Attacks:

Draw In
Mighty Strikes (2HR, only used once)
Riddle (15' AOE Max MP Down Effect)
Great Whirlwind (Single Target Damage+Choke)
Great Sandstorm (Single Target Damage+Blind)
Heat Breath (Fire Based Cone Attack to Front)
Tail Swing (Single Target Damage+Bind)

Other Notes:

High resistance to Earth element spells
Random Hate switch

Basic Strategy:

Due to the random hate switching and the draw in attack it is highly beneficial to have the alliance gather around Hraesvelg.
This includes BLMs, WHMs, and RDMs.
Otherwise he will randomly run off to go attack someone which increases the time needed to kill him significantly.

WHMs should focus on healing everyone they can, as anyone can get hit.
2HRs were highly beneficial in our first kill of him, however keep in mind the resistance to Earth.

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