How do I join Soymilk?
Read the all pages of the information section on this site, check to make sure you meet the minimum requirements and then fill out an application to be pasted in forum. Please read on for specifics on the application process.

After you submit your application, all full time members will have a few days to review it. If none object, you will be invited to attend an upcoming run. You will be pearled on a 4 run trial basis. During those 4 runs, officers will review your performance and determine whether or not to accept you as a full time member. You will not be permitted to lot on relic armor during your trial membership.

After I fill out an application, should I show up at the next scheduled Soymilk run?
No, your application may still be in review. Please wait until you receive an invitation (via a PM or an officer from Soymilk) to attend a run.

Can I lot for relic armor while I am a trial member?
No. trial members and guests are not permitted to lot on AF. Unless a free lot goes bellow level 50 and an officer says that all can lot regardless of status.

I don't have Northlands/Dreamlands Access. Should I still apply?
Currently, we are accepting members without Northlands/Dreamlands access. However, a large portion of our runs are Northlands or Dreamlands. This will limit your participation and may seem boring. Just keep this in mind.

I don't have a sponsor or know anyone in SM. Should I still apply?
You can still apply, but make sure your application is well written and gives a good impression. Review applications posted by others and be aware that not having a sponsor severely limits your chances. Be prepared to provide additional information about yourself and where you heard of SM. Unless you have a really good application you will probably not be considered.

I'm a <insert job name here>. Does Soymilk need <insert same job name here>?
Check Is Soymilk Recruiting?.

I'm very concerned with experience loss. Should I apply for Soymilk?
While we will try to preserve your experience, there will be times you will die in Dynamis. Dependent on job, we may ask you to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. And there are times we may wipe because that just happens sometimes.

You may be asked to take a Raise I from time to time due to time constraints. All members must agree to this to participate. The only way to ensure you will never have to take a Raise I is to bring your own Reraise item.

I am very interested in relic weapon upgrades. Will Soymilk sponsor mine?
No, Soymilk will not sponsor your relic weapon upgrade. We are already committed to three relic weapon upgrades. We will not be considering upgrading any other relic weapons for at least a year. Please do not apply for or inquire about Soymilk solely for relic weapon upgrades.

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