This space I hope one day will be splendid.

Right now… it is very blank.

My goals for Dynamis are down to a few:
- BLM boots (Jeuno and Valkurm)
- BLM hat (Xarcabard and Tavnazia)
- BST gloves (Xarcabard and Tavnazia)
- BST belt (Qufim or Valkurm)
- Xarcabard Win for Soymilk
- Tavnazia Win for Soymilk
- Jazz Flute for Rathiel
- THF gloves (Xarcabard and Tavnazia)

I may not play as much as I used to (almost 3 years solid), but I'm not to the point of quitting yet. :)
You see me on all the time these days… but I'm usually fishin'!
Lu Shang's Rod is mine!… but THF is up and coming, look out!
Recently changed from main BLM second BST to main THF second BST.
How to make gil and get merits done… and play less…

RDM 75 | BST 75 | BLM 75 | THF 75 | WHM 65 | MNK 38 | PUP 33

That's all until I get fancy.

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