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  1. Gather on time in Hazlam Testing grounds on time - this is a 30 minute event and one day's entry time affects the next day's. Sunday's need to end before 7:30 so Wednesday doesn't start late.
  2. Form parties (mage, tank, melee) use a balanced setup. Make sure tanks have healer and refresher. Make sure mages have a refresher. Make sure melee have a healer.
  3. Whoever has the main lamp breaks the lamp and passes them out to party leaders. Party leaders break and pass to members of their party.Process should take no longer than 1 minute.
  4. Lamp breaker enters while lamps are passed out. All enter and and party leaders call in LS chat when their party is in.
  5. Once all members are in puller brings mobs. If any mob is engaged beforehand everyone who is not inside is locked out.
  6. Kill as fast as possible.
  7. If pullers bring a bird or tiger mob that mobs takes kill priority. You may need to disengage and switch to it if called in LS chat.
  8. Once all mobs are dead we setup for bosses. Each boss has it's own strategy. Check strategy section for details.
  9. Drops are called in LS chat according to points.
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