++ Please post as absent for any day that you don't have access to a particular zone and do not wish to come as glass holder. If you were incorrectly marked on the spreadsheet, /tell me before a run but after I take attendance (in that limbo time period before we go in, that way you know I'm not afk and miss it or something). Unfortunately, I cannot look to see who has access every run vs. who missed for whatever reason, so if you just mark yourself under "absent" and just say "no access", I'll be sure to mark you excused every time! Promise!! ~Tat

If you are marked as "M" under the current spreadsheet, it is because you have not attempted to contact myself with regards to your attendance, nor have you posted under the "Long Term Absences" thread or absent under the sign-up page for at least a month. After 1 month of having "M" status, your points will be completely erased and you will be removed from the roster. This is only reserved for extreme circumstances, for those who have not attempted contact or posted absent for at least 4 runs.

If you arrive late, leave early, or need to go on an extended afk /tell the point officer. Many people do not /tell me before leaving early or arriving late. I try to honestly guess the time you arrived late or left early when updating points if I don't see you in the opening/closing screenshot, but I tire of going back and fixing it after people see that they didn't get as many points as they expect. Please do not make me enforce the rule set forth in the attendance section that states "you may lose points for that run". I don't want to do that, so please just /tell me if you leave early or arrive late. I take opening screenshots at exactly 2:00 PM EST on sundays and 8:00 PM EST on wed, so if you arrive later than that, even if just 5 minutes late, I suggest that you /tell me. I take closing screenshots usually at the 3 minute mark, but sometimes just after exit if the situation is hectic, so do not unequip your linkpearl until I say "screenshots take, you all may leave" just to be sure.

Key for lot statuses
A : You committed to come this day and have had less than the agreed on 75% attendance. You may not lot at all.
C : You may lot free lots as long as you attend 75% of the day to which you committed. You may secure lots with officer approval.
E : Excused Absence - Doesn't count against your attendance percentage.
G : In good standing to lot
M : Your membership is in question due to lack of attendance or breaking code of conduct. You may not lot. Contact an officer immediately.
S : You have not joined the site or have not filled in your information. All secured lots will cost 30 points for regular items and 60 points for rare items.
T : Trial member. You may not lot anything until your 5th run on that day (must maintain 75% attendance by then).
Comment : If your status is a comment you are exempt from signing up on site.

Points are updated as of: 4/22/2010

You can download the excel spreadsheet at: [http://soymilkls.wikidot.com/local--files/dynamis:points/smpoints.4.22.2010.xls].

If you don't have a full copy of excel you can download an excel viewer to still read it free!

If you need to change your lot jobs or which day you are committed to attending please contact the point officers.

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