Rath pulling is the best pulling.


If you look hard enough, we're standing in heart shape… how romantic.


14 SM people > Windy

Hearts, Stars, Orcs, and Blue Moons

Name: Chibibelle
Place of birth: I was born in Windy, My parents moved there after the War to help the effort to get things cleaned up and back to normal. Later, i moved to sandy but i still love my Taru brothers and sisters.

What do you enjoy best in life ?
Hmm I'd Have to say: Going on missions with Kuro and our friends… also defeating all the baddies and making the world more safe.

Tell us something interesting about your past:
Me, Kuro, Dom, Sep and Rath once were out on a dangerous mission. It was getting late so we decided to set up camp. Dom and Sepro set up some tents and Kuro and Rath were out hunting for food: i was searching for firewood. As i was bringing back the firewood, i suddenly hear a lot of yelling and grunting and the sound of a ton of feet trampling towards my direction. It was Rath and behind him was about 20 Orcs. I had to leave the firewood, and me and rath had to retreat to camp, luckily Kuro was there to save us (my hero <3) Kuro and Sepro killed everything and Dom kept us all healed. Rath tried to sing for us, but he was a little out of breath from running. In the end, we saved our camp site. Can you believe Rath tried to RPK us…. and we werent even in Dynamis. But to say the least, we had a good time, we told lots of ghost stories later that night.

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