Dynamis Item Distribution:

In order to qualify to lot you must have 2 things: proper attendance status and enough points to pay for the item. If you qualify to lot it is important that you sign up for the run and to lot at least 1 hour before the gather time. Once the time limit is reached you will be unable to sign up or lot without getting permission from the corresponding officers. Officers are instructed to not allow last minute lotting more than very rarely.


Minimum attendance required to lot is 75% of the last 8 runs. Excused absences are not counted against your 75% minimum.

Attendance Statuses:

Your attendance status will show on the point sheet along with your total points and primary and secondary lot job. Generally, if your status makes it so you cannot lot it will be marked with a color other than black. Nevertheless, the status code will always override anythings else on the sheet. If your status says you cannot lot it doesn't matter what color it is or how many points you have: you may not lot.

Attendance Status Key:

♦ G : In Good Standing- Attendance is over 75% and this member is free to lot
♦ C : This member is not Committed to attending this day. As long as they are in good standing on their regular day, they may participate fully in free lots and secure lots at officers' discretion.
♦ T : This member is under Trial. They may not lot nor participate in lotting* until they finish their trial.
♦ A : This member does not meet Attendance requirements. Until their attendance percentage goes up past 75% or they speak with an officer to explain why they weren't able to sign up, these members may not lot*.

*All members may lot once the free lots pass level 50 and officers say it's free lot for all.

Excused and Unexcused Absences:

Excused absences are marked with and E on the point sheet, while unexcused absences will be marked by a U. Members must sign up to runs as absent in order to be excused. Any real-life reason or lack of access are automatically approved. Nevertheless, you may not be in game and not at a run without officer approval on a day you have committed to attend. If you are found to be in game and not participating on a day you committed you will be penalized.

Long-Term Absences:

If you will be gone for an extended period of time you can request your points be held and that you be moved to long term absent. When you are marked as long-term absent you do not need to mark absent for the runs you miss. Upon returning you will need to complete a four run trial period to be considered back in regular attendance. Points may be restored according to the point reinstatement guidelines.

Options for when you don't have access to the zone:

If you either hold a glass outside the zone entrance (don't need to stand there the whole time but must be able to get to the trail markings in under 2 mins) or if you go with another shell that runs at a similar time to get a win you need, you will be awarded points as if you had attended the run. Make sure the the point officer knows what you are doing and if you need to know what other zones are being done by other groups please contact the scheduling officer.

Arriving Late or Leaving Early:

Members are allowed to attend for whatever times they can. If you will arrive late or leave early you must post so when you sing up. You must also contact the point officer as soon as you enter or leave the event zone in order to make sure you receive points for that run.


Points are earned by participating in runs at a ratio of one point per hour. The original six dynamis zones have a maximum time of 3.5 hours while the four Chains of Promathia zones have a maximum time of 2 hours. Therefore, the maximum participation points that can be received are 3.5 or 2 points respectively. The maximum points are achieved the majority of the time with the exception of Beaucedine which has two fifteen minute timers in inconveniently placed formor areas.

Bonus Points

Along with participation points, all runs have bonus points. There is a one point for being in the region on time and there is half a point awarded for being in the zone when the 3 minutes remaining warning comes on the screen. Additionally, officers can award bonus points to individuals, groups or the entire linkshell based on exceptional performance or attending non-mandatory events on the days where we do Dynamis Tavnazia.

Reinstating Points

When members return from long time absence they are eligible to have their prior points reinstated to them depending on the conditions under which they left the shell. Generally, members who left in good standing receive their points back while members who left the shell in bad standing have to speak with linkshell leaders to explain their case. Points are reinstated at a rate of one fourth of the total points for every two runs attended, each day counted separately.

Contesting Points

If you ever have reason to think that your points are not what they should be, you are free to review your points, figure out the error and speak with the points officer. Points cannot be contested the day of a run. Please make sure you check your points often and verify they are correct. Although point officers will review points every so often for errors, they are still human and make mistakes. Please be patient and courteous when asking officers to fix errors, in the end, it is their personal call whether they accept your reasons to change points or not.

Item Costs:

Common Items:

Common items are defined as all items that drop in both the original dynamis areas and the Chains of Promathia zones, excluding Dynamis Tavnazia. These items are split into un-upgraded relic weapons, synthesis materials, and relic armor.

Un-upgraded relic weapons: Cost: 0 points. These items are free lot to anyone who wants them.

Synthesis Materials: Cost: 75% of AH Price & 5 points for Wootz Ore/3 Points for Griffon Hide, Lancewood Log, or Relic Iron/1 point for all others. The LS will gather and sell synthesis materials to any member who is currently skilling up. In order to receive this benefit the member must speak with the bank officer beforehand. Items obtained this way may not be resold. Bank officer reserves the right to lot any and all synthesis materials to bolster bank income at any time.

Relic Armor: Cost: 30 points (10 or 20 points for primary or secondary lot jobs respectively). If you wish to secure a lot for a relic armor you must express so when you sign up for a run. If no one has secured a lot on an item it will go to free lots.

Rare Items:

Rare items are defined as all items which can be found only in one zone, excluding Dynamis Tavnazia items. These are divided into northlands relic armor, relic armor -1, and relic accessories.

Cost: 60 points (20 or 40 points for primary or secondary lot jobs respectively). If you wish to secure a lot for a rare item you must express so when you sign up for a run. If no one has secured a lot on an item it will go to free lots.

Dynamis Lord Drops, Relic Weapon Upgrades, Attestations & Fragments:

All of these items are currently officer awarded. Consideration is being made as to assigning these items point values. For further information contact officers.

Dynamis Tavnazia Drops:

Dynamis Tavnazia drops are done during the run through bids. You do not need to sign up for drops. When any item drops, the lot officer will call the item and a starting bid of 10 points (Ex. THF10). Members answer that they are willing to spend that amount of points by replying item name and bid in LS chat (Ex. THF10 in reply to the original call by the officer). If no one answers the bid the item goes to free lot. If only one person answers a bid they get to lot and those points are discounted immediately from their point total. If more than one person answers the bid the lot officer will call a higher bid in 10 point increments (Ex. THF20). If no one answers the bid then everyone who called the previous bid (THF10) will all get to lot and whoever wins has the points they agreed to discounted. If only one person answers the bid, they get to lot and are discounted the new bid amount. If more than one person answers the bid then the officer continues to call higher bids in the same fashion. The maximum bid allowed is 60 points at which point if there are still multiple people interested they will all be asked to lot.

Dynamis Currency:

Currently all currency is being held by the LS bank. Coins are mostly used to pay for linkshell expenses (entry fees, events, supplies, etc). We have previously used coins to award relic upgrades to members and are currently still deciding what to do with coins once level cap increases and prices fluctuate. Various options have been discussed from awarding more relics to trying to do pay outs. This section will update once this has been decided.

Primary and Secondary Lot Job Discounts:

Each player is allowed to pick 1 primary and 1 secondary lot job, regardless of characters or accounts. Whenever they lot relic armor for either job they will receive a 66% or 33% point cost discount for each job respectively.

When lotting gear for primary or secondary lot jobs you will receive a bonus when your points are compared to those of other players. If you are lotting your primary lot job your points count tripled. If you are lotting your secondary lot job your points count double.

Primary lot jobs must be level 65 or above and secondary level 70 or above. Lot jobs can be updated freely on January, April, July and October. Officer approval needed at any other time. Please speak with point officer to ensure any changes.

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