(Last Updated: 1-11-2011)

Character Information

Main Job(s): White Mage, Red Mage, Ninja, Summoner, Black Mage, Dragoon
Nation: Sandoria
Race: Hume Female
Linkshell(s): PhantomPain, KnightsofBathazar, & deathweavers

Dynamis Information:

Dynamis Wins:

Zillart Areas
Windurst: O
Bastok: O
San d'Oria: O
Jeuno: O
Beaucedine: O
Xarcabard: O

Dreamland Areas
Buburimu: O
Valkurm: O
Qufim: O
Tavnazia: O


Weapon(s) of choice: Dryad Staff, (Augmented) Vodun Mace & Genbu's Shield

Mystic Boon: O

AF+1: Healer's Briault, Healer's Mitts
Relic+1: Cleric's Briualt
Empyrean+1: Orison Cap, Orison Pantaloons, Orison Duckbills

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