"It becomes normal if you keep doing it…everything does"


Job Information:

Lot Job Level
Primary Thief 90
Secondary Warrior 90
Tertiary Black Mage 90

Relic Armor Attained

Job Body Legs Head Hands Feet Belt/Cape
Black Mage90 O O X O O X
Thief90 O O O O O X
Warrior90 O O O O O X
Monk90 O O X O X X
Red Mage58 X O X X X X
Dark Knight32 O O X O X X
Dragoon58 X O X O X X
Puppeteer30 O X X O X X
Ranger1 X X X O X X
Paladin1 X X X O X X
Scholarx X X X X O X
White Mage50 O X O X X X
Beastmaster51 O X X X X X
Ninja45 X O X X X X
Summoner55 O X X X X X
Blue Mage25 X X X O X X

Relic Weapon Attained

Dagger, no upgrades

Job List

Black Mage Thief Warrior Monk Red Mage
90 90 90 90 58
Ninja White Mage Dark Knight Blue Mage Bard
45 50 32 25 25
Beastmaster Summoner Dancer Samurai Ranger
51 55 46 5 1
Dragoon Puppetmaster Paladin Corsair Scholar
58 30 1 1 X

Dynamis Wins

Windurst Bastok San d'Oria Jeuno Beaucedine Xarcabard Buburimbu Valkurm Qufim Tavnazia

Behold! For now I wear the human pants.

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