About Me:

My name is Caitir and I've been playing FFXI since 2004, when I started playing it in university.
My first linkshell in the game was IntrepidAdventurers, but I spent most of my years in this game as a part of SeedElite/KillerSeed, and then LeftOvers, and now WolfPack.
My ingame goals right now are to obtain all the good Endgame gear for Dragoon, as well as levelling DRK, and then maybe BLU, SAM, and COR.

Dynamis Job Information

Primary Secondary
Dark Knight71 Dragoon75

Relic Armor

Head Body Hands Legs Feet Accessory Weapon
Abyss Armour Set Xarc/Tav Abyss Cuirass Abyss Gauntlets Abyss Flanchard Abyss Sollerets Quf/Bubu Relic Scythe - First Stage
-1 Pieces Abyss Burgeonet -1 Tavnazia Buburimu Tavnazia Qufim
Wyrm Armour Set Wyrm Armet Wyrm Mail Wyrm Finger Gauntlets Wyrm Brais Wyrm Greaves Wyrm Belt Relic Lance - First Stage
-1 Pieces Valkurm Tavnazia Buburimu Tavnazia Qufim

Dynamis Wins

Zilart Zones
Windurst Bastok San d'Oria Jeuno Beaucedine Xarcabard
Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! Win!
Buburimbu Valkurm Qufim Tavnazia
Win! Win! Win! nope

Job Levels

Dragoon 75 Dark Knight 71
White Mage 38 Warrior 38
Samurai 37 Black Mage 30
Monk 15 Blue Mage 14
Red Mage 6 Corsair 3
Thief 1 Paladin 1
Beastmaster 1 Bard 1
Ranger 1 Ninja 1
Summoner 1 Puppetmaster 1
Dancer - Scholar -


MP - HP -
CHR - Polearm 1
Guarding - Evasion -
Parrying - Critical Hit 3
Ancient Circle - Jump -
High Jump - Super Jump -
Spirit Link - Deep Breathing -
Angon 1 Empathy -
Strafe - -


San d'Oria Bastok Windurst
- - Completed
Zilart Promathia
17 Awakening 8-2 A Fate Decided
Aht Urghan / Assault Altana
43 Fangs of the Lion / Second Lieutenant 19 Betrayal at Beaucedine
A Crystalline Prophecy A Moogle Kupo d'Etat
11 Ode of Life Bestowing Completed
A Shantotto Ascension Vision of Abyssea
3 That Which Curdles Blood
Heroes of Abyssea Scars of Abyssea


Smithing Clothcraft Alchemy Woodworking Goldsmithing Leathercraft Bonecraft Cooking Fishing
- 7 - 28 - - - 18 -

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