Brewtus: I'm a Legend in my Spare Time

So this is where I'm supposed to get creative on you. Hmmm….. Well, I can't promise anything spectacular, but as I figure out what the hell I'm doing I'll try to make my page at least mildly amusing. Bear with me, it's a work in progress to say the least.

[edit] thank you to alot of you for having something posted that i could steal and learn from^^ Its really not that hard now that i see how it works.

The Nitty-Gritty

Area Wins
Bastok Windurst San d'Oria Jueno Beaucedine Xarcabard Valkurm Buburimu Qufim Tavnazia
Relic Gear Obtained
Job Head Body Hands Legs Feet Belt/Cape

Pics, Screenshots, Incriminating Evidence, Etc…

Life outside Soymilk

Main Linkshell: WolfPack
Currently Leveling: PLD31. Interested in THF and SAM too ,but PLD going to 75 and new primary lot.
Current Interests: Campaign Battle, trying for Black Belt items, CoP missions (4-2 atm), Kraken Club BCNM (0/2), Raising Guard Skill (109 atm)
Hobbies: Fishing 20(Lu Shang's Rod obtained 12/13/07), Goldsmithing 66.1+1,

MNK 75 NIN 40 WAR 37 PLD 31
SAM 30 THF 19 BST 11 PUP 11
BLM 10 RDM 10 WHM 10 SMN 09
BLU 09 BRD 08 RNG 08 DRK 07
DNC 06 COR 05 DRG 02 SCH —

Merit Points: (34)

  • HP/MP: 2/8
    • Max HP: 1
    • Max MP: 2
  • Attributes: 0/5
  • Combat Skills: 3/20
    • hand-to-hand: 3
  • Magic Skills: 0/16
  • Others: 5/8
    • Crit. Hit Rate: 3
    • Enemy Crit. Hit Rate: 2
  • Monk-specific
  • Group 1: 2/10
    • Kick Attack Rate: 2
  • Group 2: 3/6
    • Invigorate: 3
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