BLM Guide To Assisting Sleepers

All of the information contained in The Fine Art of Sleeping Mobs and The Finer Art of Resleeping Mobs applies.

Sleeping mobs is generally not a BLM priority in Dynamis. The majority of the Sleep work falls on RDM and BRD. However, BLM may be called to assist with sleeping on large pulls or after all the RDM and BRD are dead.

Here are a few things BLM should consider.

Sleepga II = BLM death

BLM should avoid using Sleepga II in Dynamis. Sleepga II cannot be overwritten by any Sleep spells. Basically, you will have all the mobs' hate if you use Sleepga II. Since BLM are somewhat squishy and probably already have hate from a statue or two, this can lead to swift death.

If you are called to assist RDM & BRD in sleeping mobs, you should use Sleepga so that RDM may overwrite your sleeps.

Now, if all the RDM and BRD are dead and there are still 50 billion mobs running around, by all means, do what you have to do to get those mobs slept. But in general, BLM should avoid using Sleepga II in Dynamis.

Avatars & Pets

BLM should not overwrite RDM Sleep with Sleep II on avatars and pets.

While sleeping avatars may seem like fun, BLM have other priorities (likes statue nuking, resting for mp, stunning nasty stuff) in Dynamis.

RDM, however, are primarily responsible for crowd control. When a pet or avatar is up, RDM are on high alert.

If you overwrite a RDM's Sleep with Sleep II, he will not see a wear message which may cause the RDM to be slow on the resleep. It effectively takes away reaction time and, on avatars, that can lead a wipe.

So while it might seem helpful to overwrite a RDM's Sleep with Sleep II, it is not always a good thing. It might be better for you to stay ready to Stun the mob or if you need mp, you should rest.

Of course, if you see an avatar or pet moving, feel free to sleep it. Especially if you see a RDM get interrupted while recasting Sleep.

Don't go out of your way to overwrite RDM Sleep spells on avatars and pets.


If you see an avatar, pet or other particular nasty mob wake up and do something bad, feel free to Stun it. This can buy lagging sleepers an extra second to sleep the mob.

Resting and Wandering

Don't rest or stray far from RDM & BRD, if you have a sleeping mob. If you stay by the RDM & BRD, they will resleep the mob for you.


Remember BLM are squishy. Buff up if you've slept any mobs so you can surive the resleep if neccessary. Your chances for survival increase if you remove all HP- and VIT- gear while keeping mobs slept.

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