General Info:

Welcome to my page! I have been in FFXI off and on for 5 years now.
I started and solo'd to 15 warrior before finding out I could actually group.
My first job I leveled was Ranger and I ended up going and getting Paladin after I tried 20 levels.
I stuck with Paladin until level 60, when I had a falling out with my first Linkshell. I tried BST at that point and fell in love with it.
I took it to 47 and had to take a break from FFXI because of real life. Three months later I got back into FFXI, found my way into SeeDElite, and leveled to mid 60s before having to take another break for school. When School calmed back down I pushed myself to get 75!

Soon after ToAU came out I tried BLU and found the power too enticing. I leveled it with the THF sub and rarely if ever subbed anything else. I got from 72 to 75 in the same spot I finished BST off at with BST as my sub. Since then I play BLU with a multitude of subs, WHM BRD WAR NIN THF BST and PLD.

I am most requested for my support healing and buffs, or my keen add controlling skills on BST!

Race: Elvaan
Sex: Male
Linkshell: RougeRiceBalls

  • Combat 9 upgrades
    • axe 5
    • evasion 2
    • sword 2
  • HP/MP 2 upgrades
    • MP 2
  • Magic Skill 3 upgrades
    • Blue Magic Skill 3
  • Stat 0 upgrades
  • Other 4 upgrades
    • Crit% off. 3
    • Crit% def. 1
  • Beastmaster 4 upgrades
    • Killer effects 2
    • Beast Affinity 1
    • Feral Howl 1
  • Blue Mage 4 upgrade
    • Physical Potency 3
    • Diffusion 1

Job Listing:

Blue Mage75
Monk45 retired
White Mage37
Dark Knight25 Summoner18
Red Mage16
Black Mage17

Wins and Primary Lot Job AF Information

Cities and Northlands
Zone Primary AF Win
Windurst O O
Bastok O O
San'doria O O
Jeuno N/A O
Beaucedine O O
Xarcabard X X
Zone Primary AF Win
Valkurm O X
Qufim O X
Buburimu O X
Tavnazia X gloves X
primary accessory X
primary helm -1 X
primary body -1 X
primary gloves -1 X
primary legs -1 X
primary feet -1 X

Changes made to the LS site:

  1. Corrected miss-spelled Title on the Member Responsibilities page.
  2. Fixed typo x 2 on Beast Master should be Beastmaster and Puppet Master should be puppetmaster.
  3. Fixed the title of the Beastmaster guide i wrote
  4. Fixed title of the puppetmaster page to reflect the link from guides by jobs
  5. Corrected columns on the primary lot table. There wasn't enough columns on the first row and the DRKs were under DNC.
  6. Fixed alignment of Lexia's primary and secondary lotting table entries. Added newline characters.
  7. added Belan to roster and to primary lot lob and fixed placement of Danith on primary lot job table.
  8. Added a dynamis tips for beastmaster to the beastmaster guide page.
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