How to Reach Officers

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In order to better manage the shell and respect everyone's privacy all officers will establish methods of being contacted. Unless there is an emergency, officers will be discouraged from attending members outside of the established method. Members who repeatedly harass or badger officers will be penalized. Officers will be asked to be firm about keeping to this.

Before contacting an officer, go to the contacts page. On that page they will have instructions on how they wish to be contacted for officer related requests, questions, concerns. Please check this first and respect their wishes. You will only receive 1 warning from an officer about sending them tells when they asked not to have tells sent. After that you will start getting point deductions base on how frustrated you made the officer. They will be given the option of how much they want to deduct or if it was bad enough they are uncomfortable having you in the LS.

Current methods of contacting officers:

  • In-game tell -for emergency use only. Some officers can choose to completely not receive tells.
  • Site messaging -for messages to particular officers or of private nature.
  • Site forums -for messages to officers in general. Some officers may set up their own thread if they wish to use the forums as their main method of receiving questions, doubts, and any concerns from members.

Those will be the only ways to contact officers. Please note that tells are for emergencies only. I just tried to think of examples of what could count as an emergency and I can't think of any that can't be resolved by posting or sending a message. I guess if your information will affect the success or failure of a run or drastically change lots, you can send tells, but these are only emergencies if they happen close enough to a run that you don't have time to tell us through messaging or forums.

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