Regular attendance to committed runs allows you to maintain your lotting rights, both secured and free lots. Attendance screenshots are taken at the agreed gather time (2pm est on Sunday and 8pm est on Wednesday). Afterwards screenshots are taken whenever a member sends the point officer a tell with /in and/or /out. /in is used for late arrivals and /out for early departures. Another screenshot is taken between the 3 minute mark and the zone exit. If you do not show on the entry and exit screenshots and did not send either and /in or /out message you forfeit attendance for that day.

Wednesday, Sunday or Both
All members of Soymilk are asked to commit to either attending Wednesday, Sunday or both days. Attendance is maintained separately for Sunday and Wednesday.

Attendance Percentages
Members attending less than 50% of the runs committed to attending, without any excuse, will be asked to leave the shell.

Members attending less than 75% of the runs committed to, without any excuse, will lose lotting rights (both secured and free) until attendance is above 75%

Attendance is calculated monthly.

Excused Absences
Absences may be excused and not count toward attendance if the member posts that he/she will not attend prior to the run.

An Example
Attendace Chart:

Player Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Run 7 Run 8 Run 9 Run 10 Run 11 Run 12
ChubbyChocobo Present Absent Present Present Absent Present Present Absent

ChubbyChocobo's attendance for the last 8 Wednesday runs was 68% (or 5/8). She cannot lot on any relic armor until this becomes 75% (or 6/8). This means that if ChubbyChocobo came to run 9 and run 10, she could lot again on run 11 (once the first absence was pushed off the list of the last 8).

CloudxStrife's attended less than 50% of May's and June's Sunday runs. He had a valid excuse for not attending but he did not bother to post why nor to even mention it to any officers. His name is removed from the Sunday roster and all Sunday points are lost.

Members who are not present in linkshell and in region at gather time will be considered late. They forfeit their on-time point bonus.

Arriving after lots are called may result in loss of lot and/or the ability to enter some zones.

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