Assist and Autotarget Off Save Lives

In Dynamis, it is critical that ALL melees job use /assist macros and disable /autotarget. Using an /assist macro enables you to attack the mob the rest of the alliance is killing. Disabling /autotarget prevents you from inadvertently attacking the wrong mob. Combined the two keep you and your shellmate from dying due to targeting accidents.


What is /autotarget?

/autotarget on forces you to automatically engage hostile mobs as soon as the mob you are currently battling dies. This is not is desirable in Dynamis.

How do I disable/turn off /autotarget

/autotarget off

This needs to be done at the start of every Dynamis Run.


What is /assist?

/assists forces you to target the same mob as the person specified in the /assist macro.

How do I make an /assist macro?

/assist PlayerName
/wait 1
/attack <t>

Who should I assist?

Generally in Dynamis, you will be assisting the main tank. An announcement will be made at the start of every run (usually prior to entering the zone but after lots are called) stating the tank order. You will need to have an /assist macro for each tank as tanks die with some frequency in Dynamis.

Melee Macro Set

With the recent inclusion of multiple macro sets, it is advised that you create a set of macros specifically for Dynamis.

What should my Dynamis Macros look like?

Macro 1 should be this:
/autotarget off

Macro 2 should be this:
/assist TankName1
/wait 1
/attack <t>

Macro 3 should be this:
/assist TankName2
/wait 1
/attack <t>

Macro 4 should be this:
/assist TankName3
/wait 1
/attack <t>

Macro 5 should be this:
/ws "InsertFavoriteWSHere" <t>

Macro 6 should be this:
/ws "InsertSecondFavoriteWSHere" <t>

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