Copy the following information and paste it in the forums. Be sure to fill out all your information Replace the text in italics with your own text. Also be sure to read the voting guide to see what happens once you submit your post and ask your sponsor to put your application in for voting.

General Info
  • This is where you get to tell us a little about you and how you heard about Soymilk! Here is where you can see the difference between great applications and mediocre ones.
Character Name
  • Please use your character name exactly as it is written in-game. Also if this is not the name you created your account with write what name you used to create your account.
Jobs that are 65+ or close to it:
  • Post each job, it's level and how you feel about using/gearing it. Just post them all even if you have retired them. This gives us an idea about how much endgame experience you have and what your understanding is of other jobs. If you want to be fancy use the table feature for this.
What Job(s) do you plan to bring to Dynamis?
  • Please note we prefer members who are flexible about what jobs they are willing to bring to Dynamis.
Who is your sponsor?
  • Please include how you know your sponsor and for how long you have known them.
  • Please note that your sponsor must be a full member of Soymilk. If you do not have a sponsor please tell about yourself. Do you have Dynamis experience? What can you contribute to Soymilk? How did you hear about Soymilk? etc…
Are you a Carbuncle native or recent transfer? (ie Did you migrate to Carbuncle from a different server?)
  • Please be truthful. We will check your background against FFXIAH and the popular FFXI forums. If you have not come from another server please say so.
Access Information
  • Which wins do you have? Do you have access to CoP Dynamis areas (PM Chapter 4)? Northlands and Dreamlands Access is preferred but not required at this point. Please note we do a lot of Northlands runs.
Do you have any Relic Armor?
  • You can also combine this with the previous list of what jobs you have if it's easier.
What primary and secondary job will you want to lot on?
  • Remember Soymilk's Lotting System is based on points accrued during your tenure in Soymilk and attendance. What relic armor you can secure lotting rights for is based on what you declare as primary and secondary jobs.
  • What jobs you list as your primary and secondary jobs will determine what relic you can secure lots for and how many points the relic will cost you. Secondary jobs must be 71+. *Please note that if you wish to lot RDM Relic, you must bring RDM to Dynamis.*//
What day(s) will you attend?
  • Soymilk Dynamis is every Wednesday @ 8pm EST and Sunday @ 2pm EST. Please note that to maintain lotting rights, both free and secure, your monthly attendance for the day(s) you commit to attending must remain at or above 75%.
Raise Policy
  • We will do everything possible to preserve your experience points. However, there are some occasions where you may be asked to take a Raise I or II, due to time constraints.
  • Do you understand and accept that you may be required to accept Raise I or II when an officer calls for a fast recovery after a wipe? Yes or No -hint: the answer is yes
Fact Checking
  • Let's make sure you did your homework! Any new member who answers yes here, and then shows up to runs not knowing any of the rules may be kicked on the grounds of being dishonest in your application. If we cannot trust you to read a few pages of rules that are accessible at all times, then how can we trust you not to steal AF or get us all killed in some blunder? Lying here is not acceptable.
  • Do you understand the shell policies regarding the following:
    • Information Yes or No -hint: the answer is yes
    • Lotting Yes or No -hint: the answer is yes
    • Rules & Expectations Yes or No -hint: the answer is yes
Questions for Us
  • Please let us know if you have additional questions. However, if you ask a question that is already answered on the site, we know that you lied in the fact checking section. Please make sure you read the sections listed above before asking. If you are confused or unsure let us know you read, but just don't get a particular thing. This will also help us make stuff more clear and easy to understand.
  • I don't have any questions I can think of at this time OR insert questions here
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