About Soymilk

Soymilk Started in 2005 with the hopes of providing a more professional and fair way to run dynamis events.

  • Times
    • Runs are every Wednesday @ 8pm EST & Sunday @ 2pm EST!
  • How much do runs cost?
    • Currently, Soymilk runs do not cost members. All runs are paid for by the bank.
  • How does Soymilk's point system work?
    • Soymilk uses a point system, with 3 levels of point costs, plus attendance to determine who can secure lotting rights for relic armor and how much lotted relic armor will cost them. Basically, the person with the most points, who meets all the job and attendance requirements for lotting, gets the piece of relic armor if it drops during the run. For detailed information on the point system, read points.
  • How are relic armor lots determined?
    • Your attendance, the number of points you have accumulated during your tenure with Soymilk, and whether you have declared that you will be lotting relic armor for a particular job determines whether or not you can secure a lot for a particular piece of relic armor. For detailed information on lots, read Lotting.
  • How are relic armor point costs determined?
    • How you have declared your job lots and the Dynamis zone the relic armor is obtained from will determine how many points the piece will cost you. For detailed information on read Relic Armor Point Costs.
  • How are relic weapon lots handled?
    • Relic weapons may be lotted by any attendee that can use them.
  • Does Soymilk allow sponsored runs?
    • Currently, Soymilk does not allow members to sponsor runs.
  • How is ancient currency handled?
    • All ancient currency, large and small, is lotted by an officer representing the Soymilk bank. The currency is sold to pay for runs and finance relic weapon upgrades. For Detailed information check our page on the LS Bank.
  • How are relic weapon upgrades handled?
    • Soymilk has committed to one relic upgrade for 2008. We are not considering any other requests for upgrade at this time.
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